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Why should you even read this article about schools for performing arts? No, these tips are not all about becoming a high fashion model. But, I’ve discovered that many teen girls and guys who want to cross over into commercial modeling work are still interested in attending performing arts schools.

These classes help them to learn and study other forms of entertainment besides modeling.

You might be a fashion or glamour model interested in commercial jobs.

Or, you might be more tuned in toward acting in Hollywood or music.

Either way, here is some info you can use about performing arts schools and enrollment possibilities.

There was a time when there were not many first class performing arts schools around in the UK.

This situation is changing and Britain is building a reputation for offering an excellent curriculum.

In New York City, there is already a tradition of preparing students for a career in the entertainment and arts industries.

Performing Arts Schools – Take Time to Learn More about the Performing Arts

The New York High School for the Performing Arts is well known from its depiction in the Fame movie and subsequent TV series.

The school merged with a sister school and is now known as the Fiorello H. Guardia High School of Music, Art & Performing Arts, based in Manhattan.

Course Structure

The prospectus includes programs for Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Vocal, Instrumental Music, and Technical Theater.

In addition to their chosen arts subject, students must study a required curriculum, including English, Math, Science, History, Language and Physical Education.

This Performing Arts School (from the original school) has produced an impressive number of alumni over the years, including Laura Nyro, Suzanne Vega, Jennifer Aniston, Adrien Brody, and Wesley Snipes.

The Juillard School in New York City is housed at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. It has an international reputation for its program of dance, drama, and music.

The school’s alumni are particularly well represented in the world of classical music and jazz. Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, cellist Yo Yo Ma, and minimalist composer Philip Glass all attended Juillard.

Famous actors have also come through its doors, including Kelsey Grammar, Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams.

All music students at this Performing Arts School must study sight singing and music theory, along with their chosen instrument.

The Juillard is well known for its school orchestras, jazz orchestras, string quartet and vocal and choral groups.

The Juillard Orchestra represented the school when touring China in 2008. The school has a collection of manuscripts and scores by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and others.

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The Brit School in London for 4 – 19 year olds is the only Performing Arts School in the UK that is state funded. Students can study Performing Arts, Media, Art and Design, and Technology.

Facilities are top notch with a school Theatre, dance studios, and television and radio studios.

The annual Brit Awards for music raises money to help with the running of the school.

A number of successful female singers have graduated, including Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Kate Nash, Katie Melua and Adele.

Do Your Homework Before Choosing Performing Arts Schools

One quick tip for any of these colleges or schools is to check them out closely and then make up your mind as to which one will be most helpful in furthering your career in the art of performing.

When Paul McCartney’s old school building in Liverpool fell derelict, he joined forces with Mark Featherstone-Witty (the founder of the Brit School), to create a new Performing Arts School.

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) has been a great success.

The prospectus consists of nine BA Hons. Degrees, and Post Graduate Diplomas and a Master of Arts program.

Subjects covered include Music, Dance, Acting, Sound Technology, Arts Management and Theater Design. There are also weekend classes for children aged 4 – 19 years old.

A number of well known musicians and actors have appeared as guest speakers, including John Hurt, Nitin Sawhney, Terence Stamp, Robin Gibb and Joan Armatrading.

Are You Ready to Attend Performing Arts Schools?

Now that you’ve seen some performing arts schools available to you don’t stop. Your career is important so treat it with respect.

performing arts schoolDo online searches for a good college you can afford and will meet your goals in how to become a model or work in other entertainment jobs.

It’s true that performing arts schools cover many areas of entertainment. Some are modeling, acting, music and other genres. You’ll find these classes online and in physical locations. One online course I found is for new actors. You can see details here ..

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