Everyone knows how much fashion moods have changed over the years but the perfect little black dress has been there since the beginning. I know from experience that catalog models really love to wear them. Read to find out why ..

Women Just Love That Perfect Little Black Dress!

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Going To A Cocktail Party? — The LBD Fits

Fashion Changes – But Some Things Like the LBD Remain

Fine, black cocktail dresses and skirts have been around just about forever and the reason is that women look so beautiful wearing this little piece of clothing no matter if she is a model or a secretary.

Every woman’s wardrobe should include at least one of these dresses, don’t you agree? I’ve written several pieces about these outfits like the Lark & Ro pleated little black dress review so you know the LBD’s are still quite in style on the fashion scene.

It is a classic that never goes out of style. It can be worn to nearly every occasion and can take an ordinary woman from the office to a special event with a few added details.

Dressing nice is necessary for every girl with fashion awareness today.

When women think of classic fashions, these dresses, also known as the perfect LBD, is sure to come to mind. Every woman has at least one. Some have many.

The outer wear is a wardrobe staple, one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own.

THE Wardrobe Item of the Century? The Perfect Little Black Dress of Course!

Spanning the entire breadth of fashion and all seasons and occasions, it’s one piece of clothing no woman should be without. The LBD has stood firm in the fashion industry for the best part of a century.

Plain And Tall – The LBD is a Perfect Fit

The perfect dress is quite understated. It should be relatively plain. This is what makes the attire valuable as a long term staple in a woman’s wardrobe. The dress should never be trendy.

You can always add accessories to update the outfit. It should never be dated in any way, shape or form. However, the dress should blend seamlessly into the trends of any decade.

Build Your Confidence Wearing Little Black Dresses

This piece of attire is also great for a lady’s confidence. It’s pretty much a proven fact that when we look good, we feel great.

This dress has the ability to make any woman, no matter her age, height, or weight, look amazing.

A Perfect Little Black Dress Focuses the Attention On You!

Perfect Little Black Dress

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The idea behind wearing these beautiful dresses is that they can be used as a backdrop. People do not focus specifically on the dress.

The ideal black evening dress serves as a foundation for the woman’s overall style. The beauty of the dress is its simplicity.

People are more likely to notice those delicate pearl earrings or the subtle sparkle of a diamond necklace if the lady’s outfit is not competing with the dainty accessories.

No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry and accessories that go unnoticed.

LBD Fashion Styles

Women who want an article that transitions from one season to the next may choose a dress that has a drop neckline and no sleeves.

This style can be worn comfortably in the summer and a simple wrap or blazer can help transition the dress into the winter.

On Your Little Black Dress Do You Dare To Go With Spaghetti Straps?

More daring women select apparel like the perfect little black dress with spaghetti straps. These sexy black outfits are ideal for the woman who keeps her arms in shape, but it can also serve as a garment that sets off the perfect jacket.

Long Sleeve Little Black Dresses & The Elusive Dream

The outfit that seems to be the most elusive is the one with sleeves. It is not common to come across a plain dress that has sleeves.

This hard-to-find dress is an object of desire for many women who want the perfect little outfit that has all of the features of sleeveless fashion but provides ample coverage.

The three-quarter sleeved and long sleeved dresses cannot always transition from one season to the next, but they are still very appealing to many women.

Other Uses for Little Black Dresses

Your attire can be a chameleon of fashion, at home and up-to-date in just about any setting, given the right accessories. Let’s look at the many faces of the LBD:

The Office

For office wear or a business lunch, low-heeled pumps, an Italian silk scarf and a gold bracelet render an elegant and non-busy appearance. Tres chic!

Perhaps you have a business meeting early in the morning. So with a bit of reserved jewelry, a snazzy jacket, and some simple hot heels, you’ve again converted your outfit with a perfect little black dress.

The Ballet

A date at the ballet calls for some sparkle. You’ll wear gold or silver jewelry, belts, scarves, hair or shoe ornaments, a beaded or sequined shawl. A perfect little black dress lends a sophisticated feel to the ensemble.

Key to a show-stopping look is less is more. A single spectacular pendant diamond necklace and matching earrings will do the trick.

The School Dance

Yes, if your daughter is going to the dance, then black is the perfect color for a prom dress. She can pick out almost any accessory to wear with her gown.

Get Out Your Red Heels & LBD!

Clubbing? Here’s an open frontier for adding to your perfect little black dress with the right  accessories. Dig out those red stilettos and the jewel-toned belt. Maybe a red lamé bolero as a wrap will finish the look.

What About Shopping In This Classic LBD Fashion Style?

If you’re shopping for jewelry, jackets, coats, shoes or hats, the LBD is the perfect backdrop. It goes with everything,and lets you see the possibilities of whatever fashion partner you have in mind.

The fabulous magenta velvet hat just won’t show so well with your pleated plaid skirt.

Dressing in black gives the latitude of vision you need to see the virtues of that Renaissance-style necklace. Or, you can wear that faux fur jacket which would simply not be apparent with a turquoise linen pantsuit.

Don’t Have A Perfect Body? A Little Black Dress is the Answer

It’s no doubt that black flatters every body type, shape and is great for petite or plus size women who want to look fantastic. I’ve seen fashion models look thinner and sexier when they pose in a black dress.

It slims and trims many of your faults away. The longevity of this fashion item is well deserved and earned.

Millions of women have relied on this simple but revolutionary creation of Coco Chanel for almost a century.

Who Else Wears these Black Fashion Dresses ?

Average women aren’t the only ones who’ve caught on to how appealing having one in your wardrobe can be. Famous people who only wear celebrity dresses like Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman have been seen wearing this little piece of fabric.

FabSugar Australia says:

“When it comes to wardrobe staples there’s nothing more classic sexy and versatile than a perfect little black dress.

For brunch with friends office meetings girls nights out or your next hot date the LBD can be transformed time and time again.”

OK, Where Do I Find a Perfect Little Black Dress?

The classic black fashion dresses do come in a number of basic styles and can be found in almost every department store worldwide. Lately, you can purchase a little black dress online too. They can be pricey or inexpensive, depending on the clothing designer and material used.

I’ve taken the liberty to write a Lark & Ro pleated little black dress review to give you some buying advice.

Regardless of what it costs, keep in mind that you do not have to be a rich and famous woman to look fantastic! Now, go put it on, and walk into a crowded room to see the impact!!

The History, The Mystery and The Excitement of Black Clothing

The LBD has adapted throughout the decades to changing hemlines, fabrics, cuts and accessories. Little black dresses survive and thrive on the very short list of women’s must-have clothing.

Hollywood luminaries, including Audrey Hepburn and even the beautiful and sexy Marilyn Monroe immortalized the little black dress.

Coco Gets the Credit for the Perfect Little Black Dress

The idea of this fashion staple was made popular in the 1920s by Coco Chanel. The gown was originally designed to not show stains and give a sophisticated, sexy look for a lady of all ages.

Perfect Little Black Dress Thoughts

It is easy to find fashionable outfits with trendy details and splashes of color.

Many top high fashion clothes designers put in a lot of effort to create unique, flashy styles that can turn the fashion industry on its ear. But nothing can replace the timeless piece of clothing drenched in black.

The designing of a perfect little black dress is a goal of many fashionistas who want to make a name for themselves.

Even the Fashion phrase conjures images of sexy dressiness while maintaining a classic, elegance. This mood can only be found through simplicity.

So, if you don’t have one, get one. Long sleeved, short sleeved or sleeveless, the perfect  little black dress is history. It’s the future in one sublime piece of women’s fashion. Women love them. Fashion models love to pose in them. Check out some dress reviews here ..

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