Pencil Dresses SkirtsAs you know, most women today want versatility in their wardrobes. This is true for fashion models and women who are going downtown for the night.

If your wardrobe is limited, but well-chosen, you can double the number of outfits you can make with smart combinations and dress accessories.

This is especially true with pencil dresses and skirts as you’ll learn in the sections below.

It’s really time for you to step into the fashion world in a big way, isn’t it?

Put on your pencil skirt and see what happens!

Accessorize Your Black Pencil Skirt

Women are more practical nowadays and they want a fashion outfit with versatility. The pencil skirt fits the bill since it is at home at the party or a gathering. And, females who are a little large love the way these skirts slim the body, especially the black fashions.

Wear a Pencil Skirt with Almost Anything

Outfits with usability and flexibility in the out-on-the-town fashion section of your closet may be few. One such wardrobe anchor is the pencil skirt. Here are some tips on selecting a dressy pencil skirt that is trendy, elegant and walks the talk. Pencil Skirts Come Through at Most Events and Gatherings

The quintessential dressy pencil skirt is equally at home at your mother-in-law’s birthday celebration, a night at the theater or the company Christmas bash.

If you could have only one pencil skirt to field any uptown style occasion, it’s not mission impossible. You just need to know a few rules on selecting this versatile garment.

What Colors and Styles to Choose

The color and fabric of the skirt are important. Dressy occasions call for drama. Black velvet fills the bill and is incredibly versatile. Wool is another good choice. Buy the finest quality your budget allows. Look for a plain design. Avoid fussy detailing, such as pockets and trims.

These designer touches, albeit lovely, are part of the skirt’s identity. You want a skirt that you can accessorize in several different ways, so that each time you wear it, your skirt shows a new and exciting face. You’ll have a true chameleon in a plain and slimming black pencil skirt.

Other colors can work, but you lose in versatility. Black does go with everything which is why we hear so much about the little black dress.

Pencil Skirt or Dress Accessories and Combos

So how do you work your combinations? It depends on the occasion and the weather.

For your mother-in-law’s birthday, a classic style of silk blouse and a string of pearls with matching earrings is comfortable and appropriate. In colder climates, a satin blouse looks elegant, while keeping you warm and toasty.

Bring Out the High Heel Boots

A wool shawl of any color or design, paired with lean boots, gives your outfit a hip, sophisticated look, perfect for the theater. Try a loosely cut cashmere sweater, cinched with with a rhinestone studded, soft leather belt. Other tops and accessories include blazers, bolero jackets and exotic silky, flowing scarves.

Fashion clothingNecklaces, earrings and bracelets offer lots of accessorizing possibilities. Heels with ankle straps or satin ribbon leg ties work nicely with a pencil skirt. Shoe ornaments add another distinctive element to your outfit.

The Cost of Fashion

You might think that, with the style and popularity of this clothing, you’ll be paying a small fortune when you shop for your new outfit.

Well, this could be true but, if you do some serious searching at some local boutiques and especially look online. Your shopping efforts could help you find a selection of pencil skirts at a cheap price – now you are a shrewd shopper!

Be Creative and Let Your Pencil Skirt Help You Achieve Your Look

The pencil skirt is a team player. Accessories and your flair are what makes the costume work.

With this lovely trend setter in your wardrobe, you’ll be known as one stylish chick! And, it doesn’t cost a fortune to look great because you are only using one or two skirts over and over.

Want to Find a Sexy Pencil Skirt That Fits Your Style?

There are plenty of shops and boutiques to buy outfits, online and off. I’ve found a page to let you see some of the different pencil skirt styles. This way you can make a better buying decision for your new outfit.

And yes, you’re going to look fantastic in your new pencil skirt or dress. Check out the selection here ..


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