The Art of Choosing Photographers for Modeling Portfolios

Getting pictures for your modeling portfolio can be confusing but here are a few tips when considering a paid photo shoot so that you get the most for your money.

Read all of this post before you step in front of the camera!

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The Paid Photo Shoot

If you feel you are ready to become a freelance model you’ll need exciting and beautiful paid photo shootmodeling pictures to show on your website or to leave with clients you contact. Make sure they are magnificent!

Here are some simple tips for how to choose photographers for getting some terrific   modeling portfolios . It’s not that difficult but, you do need to know this information before booking someone to shoot your model pictures.

Okay, you are ready to create your first model portfolio but where do you start?

You start by finding a professional model photographer and the notes below will help show you how to find one.


A paid photo shoot will be done with a photographer of your choice who is qualified in portfolio shooting skills and normally will cost from $300 & up depending on the photographer and the number of photos in the package.

A good average price you should expect to pay is around $600 to hire a really good photography company.

Be sure that the modeling photographer you choose is …

  1. Knowledgeable in the type(s) of photography you need (i.e. You wouldn’t want to hire a photographer who only does glamour shots if you’re interested in fashion or runway)
  2. Has experience working with models – A local portrait photographer may or may not have experience in the type of photos you need for your portfolio
  3. Is within your price range (but don’t let price be the only determining factor in who you choose. Remember, you want to look your absolute best so you may want to wait until you can hire a really good professional photographer)

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When posing for your pictures, you’ll want to try for at least 3 different “looks” in totally different outfits for your first photo shoot.

After creating your pictures, have composite cards made and you should be ready to start contacting clients for paying jobs if you are promoting yourself.

What are You Looking For?

Your photographer should be able to make some suggestions but the final look for your paid test shoot needs to be your decision. After all, it’s your money.

You should come away with the feeling that you achieved the look you had in mind for your

If you have the means, I’d also suggest your using more than just the one portfolio
photographer as this will help with diversity in looks. You’ll come away with two or more professional interpretations of how you look.

Final Thoughts

When you get your model pictures back on cd or prints, you should only use the very best photos and use excellent modeling portfolios examples you have from the photo shoot to put into your book.

If you have doubts about the quality of a picture – TOSS IT! This is covered more in the female model portfolio photography section.


Hope this benefits you in hiring a photographer for your first paid photo shoot and I look forward to hearing your model success story soon!

Till next time,

Bob Pardue

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