apply beauty nails

Even women with natural beauty want to do more. They would rather have every inch of their bodies, including their fingernails, be pure perfection. This is why learning how to apply beauty nails is so important. Perfect beauty nails will enhance the fingers and…


how to work in Hollywood as a extra

Seemingly staying at the top of the fashion trend heap, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans show no signs of slowing at the time of this shopping guide. If you are a model or just a trendy girl who likes to buy tight fitting designer bluejeans…


How to Get Theater Jobs

Working in the Theater. Ever dreamed of acting on stage in Hollywood with the applause of the crowd ringing in your ears? Great feeling, isn’t it? But, what if you can’t act a bit? Could there still be jobs in the theater available for…


How to brighten eyes

Okay, you might not be a beginner. You’ve been putting on makeup for years. But, there is always something we can learn which is why how to apply makeup for beginners was created. You deserve a more beautiful face, don’t you? Enjoy! Taking beauty…


Karlie Kloss Secret Modeling Meme

What’s the secret to a long modeling career? Karlie Kloss says; “Find a balance between your career, outside interests and personal life. More from Karlie Kloss here ..

dresses for special occasions

Do you love fashion? Do you love special events? Then you’ll love this story from a woman who writes about dresses for special occasions. That Special Event Calls for a Special Dress! It doesn’t’ matter what the reason is for your going out. Dresses…


Runway Model Poses

Want to Be a Model? Look at These Poses for Runway Models (Video) If you plan to make a career for yourself in the fashion modeling world then you’ll want to study and practice some runway model poses before making contact with talent agents….


Modeling Companies For Teenagers

Exploring Modeling Companies for Teenagers – Your Ticket to the Top? How to be a female teen model. You see the ads and they TV reality shows with beautiful girls and women vying for those few coveted jobs. But seriously, the best way for…


acne body wash

Are you tired of looking at those pimples in the mirror? Maybe you’re ready for an acne body wash. Teen girls and adult female models alike sometimes have those awful pimples in places on their body which they do not want to show off…


Glamour makeup 101 meme

Read the complete article and tips for glamour makeup.

Clothing Accessories

Did the kids at school used to kid you about your long legs? Call you daddy longlegs or other names? Well, no more when you step into the room wearing your sexy mini skirt. Showing off legs is nothing new. The mini skirt has…


Miusol Women's cut out long sleeve dress reviews

What about Miusol dresses? This outfit for women is a bit unusual. But I mean this in a good way. The fit seems good. The color and design of the dress gives a slimming effect for your body. But, before you purchase, be sure…


How To Model Pose

Yes, You Can Learn How to Pose Like a Professional Model The question is; “Can I really pose if I haven’t tried it yet? Yes! It’s not that difficult to pose, after you learn how. These tips cover some of the basics you need…