Are You Too Shy to Model in Front of a Camera? Secret Tips for How to Overcome Shyness

Would you consider yourself to be too shy to learn how to become a model and work in the network? This is definitely not a bad thing. For some of my fashion models it almost seems like an innate quality.

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Am I tooshy to be a model?

Have you noticed how outgoing and determined the high fashion runway models in New York are? Did you know you can work to overcome your shyness and step in front of the photographers camera as a female model? Yes, you can!!!

However, I believe that much of it has to do much with how a person grew up.

Watch What Others Do

If you are constantly doing photo shoots with charismatic, outgoing female models, then you will probably pick up some of their personality traits.

Everyone adopts things from parents and family. Whether we would like to admit it or not, this is just a part of life. Now, if you are one of the shy or timid models out there, this can definitely make things a tad more difficult.


The Camera Shy Model

When it comes to working in front of the camera, things can get a little scary if you don’t learn how to overcome shyness. A photo session is tough sometimes, even for the outgoing but can be especially difficult if you have self-doubt or anxiety to deal with.


Why Start Early?

The best time to deal with timidness and self-esteem is at a young age if possible. This way it will not have as much chance of carrying over into adulthood.

Now, see how much you can learn about shyness and the teen fashion girl model when you take a little time to research? Read the rest of this information before going on that next photo shoot.

Are you curious about how to overcome shyness?

I was there once myself. Wow, was I ever shy as a small child. I can still recall back in grade school when I had difficulty approaching new people. I never wanted to socialize with
individuals I hadn’t spoken to or seen before. It was just too intimidating.

The Self Conscious Crutch

It made me self-conscious so I finally gave up, withdrew and called myself a “loner” but that did not solve my problem with shyness. By the time I attended college it was high time for me to learn how to overcome shyness and do it quickly.

However, I didn’t take that route at all. In reality I carried that timid demeanor on with me into the university. Sure, I made friends and had a small social circle, but it was always a challenge to make new ones.

Theater, Speech and Acting to Beat Shyness

Finally, I took a theater and speech class. Imagine that!! A shy college boy taking speech
I couldn’t help but wonder how that theater professor actually expected me to stroll up in front of the entire class and give a speech or present a class project?

I needed to know how to overcome shyness and build my self confidence first.

The Best Way to Overcome a Fear of Being Shy is to Just Do It!

However, this was not an option at the time. As it turned out, the teacher could have cared less about my timid personality. On the other hand, this is the very best way to overcome shyness.

How to Do It

The answer? Just take a deep breath and get up in front of others and do your thing. Keep doing it until your self doubt melts away.


Shy Photographers Model

a not shy modelAs a professional female modeling photographer I shoot with lots of first-time models who are very timid in the beginning. But, by the end of the session they are just as outgoing for the camera as the delightful girl in the photo shown here.

They gain confidence as the photo session evolves and pretty soon, they’re doing swim wear or coming up with outrageous poses and having a ball!!

Take Off Your Inhibitions and Become a Confident Photography Model

You can do it too. These tips for overcoming shyness are just the beginning. Now that you know my story you can believe in yourself more and then, you will overcome your shyness when you find how much fun you’re having in front of my camera!

 I Am Just Too Shy

If you started out with ” Am I too shy to be a model ?” then you now know the best way to overcome your timidness is to get that new outfit on and make some pictures. d:-)


Till next time!

Bob Pardue


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