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Oh! Canada – Photo of Niagara Falls Skyline

Oh! Canada…

I love creating photographs of interesting places, don’t you?

And, since Jean & I traveled to at least a part of this beautiful nation on photo assignments multiple times, I thought I’d research and pass on some cool stuff about Canada along with my…

Fine Art Photo of the Niagara Falls Canada Skyline

No, I didn’t know all these points of interest either!

Also, I realize this is a bit outside my “USA fine art photography” category. Even so, I felt compelled to write it and hope you feel compelled to read it! 🙂

So, let’s sit back and learn about Canada travel together — the fun way!

Canada information
Fine art photo of the Niagara Falls Canada Skyline by Bob Pardue

An Overview of Canada Travel – The Land “Up Yonder”

Home to hockey, Canada is a country of beautiful cities and wide open spaces.

If you are considering taking a trip to the country, take a moment to read this overview of some things you might want to know.

Canada for Travelers & Photographers

The official name of the country is simply Canada.

It covers an area of landmass over 3.8 million square miles in size and is the second largest country by square mileage in the world.

The capital is Ottawa with a population of over 1.1 million people.

Other major cities include:

  • Toronto with 4.8 million residents,
  • Montreal with just fewer than 3.5 million people
  • and the beautiful city of Vancouver with a population of roughly 2 million people.

With its far northern location, Canada is a country with a cool climate.

The farther north you go, the colder it becomes until Artic conditions apply.

Who Lives in Canada?

Citizens of Canada are known as Canadians (I’m sure you knew this!).

The most recent study put the total population at more than 32.4 million Canadians.

Of this figure, ethnicity breaks down into a wide variety of groups with no group forming a majority.

Specifically, Canadians are comprised of:

  • 28 percent British-Irish heritage,
  • 23 percent French,
  • 15 percent general European
  • and a whopping 26 percent are classified as mixed.

Following the transfer of Hong Kong from British rule to Chinese, many citizens of Hong Kong immigrated to Canada, particularly the Vancouver area.

The Religious Side

Religious preferences share the break down found in ethnicity.

44 percent of Canadians claim the Roman Catholic faith as their own…

  • 29 percent are Protestant.
  • Other Christian and Muslim denominations claim roughly 8 percent of the population.

Canadian Languages & Other Stuff

English and French are the languages spoken in Canada.

Literacy rates are 99 percent.

Average life expectancy for a Canadian man is 77 years while a Canadian woman will live to 82 years of age on average.

The North Vs The South?

Canada is a country with an odd segmentation.

Worldwide, most countries tend to be divided towards eastern and western population centers, Canada leads more of a north and south designation.

Specifically, most of the population lives along the border with the United States and practically nobody lives in the far north because of the cold, harsh living conditions.

The Canada — United States Connection

Canada tends to be overshadowed by its neighbor to the south.

I feel this is totally inappropriate because the country is beautiful, the people are friendly and life is lived at a comfortable pace.

When Jean and I traveled across the Canadian border those many times, we were always sad to leave but happy we went!

My meager experience in fine art photography is mostly limited to the Niagara Falls area so don’t have many pictures of Canada as a whole.

But maybe, when travel restrictions are lifted and we can get back “up yonder”, we’ll take in more of Canada’s beauty; and photograph the country accordingly.

Finally, if you get the chance to visit Canada — GO!

Nuff said! – Bob


About the author:

Bob Pardue is a travel & fine art photographer from the southern United States. He publishes photos in magazines, books and offers many in the form of wall artwork for home & office.