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Most Nikon D300 Camera Reviews Agree – This is a Cool Camera

If you are looking for a digital slr camera which is by many rated the “best amateur camera” for the price this is one to see. Read this quick Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP digital slr camera review before making your gift idea choice this year.

Or, your plan might be to keep this beautiful Nikon camera for yourself! I don’t blame you.

Here are some D300 Digital Camera Features

Similar to the D3, the D300 features Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED Image Processing System that is central to driving the speed and processing power needed for many of the camera’s new features.

The D300 shares a similar Scene Recognition System as is found in the D3 , it promises to greatly enhance the accuracy of autofocus, autoexposure, and auto white balance.

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What Others are Saying about the Nikon D300 Camera

D300 Camera Review By Tom Iancu
“Until recently I had a D80 and I also wrote a review about it. So I think it would be useful for you, D80 owners and D300 prospect buyers, to have some clues about what this D300 is about from a former D80 user.
I will update my review as I’ll be getting into more and more of this camera.

First noticeable difference is the size. The D300 is bigger and heavier than the D80, but the size it is not a problem for mid-sized hands like mine are.

About weight: I bought a neoprene strap some time ago for my D80. I use it also on the D300.

The strap which is included with the camera is a bit too rough for my skin and the weight of camera can be a real pain if you carry it on too long.

You won’t notice any important difference in the feeling of the grip size, although it is a bit bulkier.”

The Nikon D300 Camera Review by Bob Pardue Photography

In researching the Nikon D300, I found that it offered significantly more advanced features that its predecessor, the Nikon D200. With increased speed and color clarity, many have said that it is the best option for an amateur digital camera available on the market today.

There are three main options for ordering the D300. The first is the camera alone. Then, there is also a choice of two kits available – one with an external AF lens, and one with a VR lens.

When it comes to aesthetics, Nikon stays close to its proven brand design, and the same holds true for the user interface. The controls are laid out in such a way as to be user-friendly, but also packed full of options. The camera itself is designed to be dust-proof and weather-proof.

The body of the D300 weighs in at just over two pounds. This is not a pocket camera by any means, but rather an instrument for someone who is serious about taking great photos and wants the right tool for the job.

All in all, every Nikon D300 camera review I read agreed that it was worth the price!

How to Order the Nikon D300

If you want to see more features and pricing, or if you are ready to order your Nikon D300 digital camera just check out the product page here. I hope you enjoyed this Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP digital SLR camera review and will check by often whether your are a photographer or model – either way you’re interested in cameras, aren’t you? – Bob Pardue

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