Yes, as with any business there is an investment involved in getting started. This is true in professional photography too. But, if you are going to spend, do it wisely. There are plenty of cool cameras out there making big promises. So, look carefully at this Nikon D2Xs digital SLR camera review and then make an informed decision. Learn more ..

Review of the Nikon D2Xs Digital SLR Camera

Simply put, this is the granddaddy of professional DSLR cameras in the middle price range (if you can call it that). If you plan to do studio work with models, or just want an awesome DSLR camera for the fun of it, the D2Xs will certainly do the job.

One feature is the new menu system that continues from where the D2X left off. You can shoot in JPEG, TIFF and other major image file formats, including NEF files giving you a wide range of shooting choices.

Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with the D-200 and other fine Nikon cameras but this baby defies all laws and is the choice of tons of professionals, along with the serious amateurs.

The Downside?

There are a couple of negatives although I was hard pressed to find them. First, there is a learning curve and the book can sometimes be confusing. But, that is usually conquered by going online or on YouTube.

Next, the price could be a bit high for the occasional user – you’ll have to make a personal decision whether or not you have the means for this camera.

My opinion? If you can afford a fantastic camera, pick up the Nikon D2Xs Digital SLR camera. I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.



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