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Will wonders never cease?

The news in female modeling this week is all the buzz of Twitter covering a girl with fabric?

I’ve been thinking, when will the top female fashion models take off those boring designer clothes and start wearing high tech equipment?

Well, it’s finally happened. Beautiful UK model Nicole Scherzinger shed the dress of the past and modeled the first Twitter dress.

“You Light Up My Life”

Nicole was lit up like a Christmas tree when she walked out at the 4-G launch site by UK mobile network EE . If anyone could pull this off, it’s this sexy UK model. Mail Online says:

“Nicole Scherzinger who was going to perform later in the evening wore a Twitter dress which fans as well as the event’s attendees could tweet to.

Provided a message contained the #TweetTheDress hashtag, it would show up somewhere on Nicole’s outfit. Pretty cool.

Nicole’s stunning haute couture dress is constructed from 8 meters of the finest French silk chiffon, laden with over 500 Swarovski crystals and over 2,000 LED lights, which lights up to spell out Tweets sent in by fans in real time throughout the evening (via @EE and #tweetthedress).”

New Face of Fashion with the Twitter Dress

Does this event mean that the days of the wonderful and sleek high fashion styles are gone? I don’t think so. And, for my money, I’d much rather see Miss Scherzinger in a long, white flowing gown than a techies dream of putting together two things they love – girls and IT! Watch the short video to see the full effect.

So, next time you’re walking down the street look for the Twitter dress to be worn by all the fashion-conscious females this Spring – NOT!

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed this story and now we’ll get back to real photo shoots, posing our subjects, and the hum-drum of photographing beautiful models on the runway and in the studio. Oh well …

Original story at Mail Online

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