New York Modeling TipsIt’s a known fact that New York modeling is one of the fiercest and most competitive markets in entertainment, if you plan to become a NYC runway or high fashion model with the top list agencies.

Here are a few New York modeling tips to see whether you will make it to the very top or whether you might want to work as a local model in your state.

New York Modeling Advice and Requirements

You could be on your way to an exciting and lucrative career if you meet the stiff NY modeling requirements.

Learn more about the model agents, portfolios and other aspects or requirements for teenagers and adults. If you are a teenager, male or female, who loves posing in pictures, have you ever thought of pursuing this gift as a career? Getting listed with New York modeling agencies is the ticket!

Secondly, do you have a longing love for wearing and showing off high fashion clothing and spend much of your money on the latest trendy outfits? In New York, known for being at the top of the market in the USA, modeling is second nature for many teenagers and adults alike. Maybe you would like to join this elite force of trend setters.

NY Teenagers in Modeling

Teens between the ages of 13 to 19 years, are still in demand in advertising and catalog, commercial and body parts advertising everything from iPods to the next popular pair of jeans.

Getting Started with New York Modeling

First is practice and research. Look at fashion magazines, watch TV shows like America’s Next Top Model and learn posing techniques, expressions and body language from the professionals who know what they are doing.

Having a professional portfolio of amazing pictures and finding a good photographer to create them has become a plus now that so many teenagers and adult women are looking into becoming New York models. There are a few things you should learn before creating photos for your book.

Before you go online and look for a professional photographer you need to choose the kind of photos you need according to the type of modeling you want to do. And, you’ll need to know what is required for each.

Three Main Types of NY Model Jobs ..

1. High Fashion NY Top List Models

Becoming a high fashion model is the dream career for many teens and, New York City is at the top of the heap when it comes to this category. But, that also means fierce competition.

You need to make sure you can compete with some of the best in the world before applying to top list agencies like IMG, Elite, or Ford.

These are great and there are other top list modeling agencies to choose when you go to New York. Be sure to take someone with you before you travel for safety. NY is a big place and it’s better to be safe …

2. Local New York Model Agents

Don’t discount working locally as a NY model. Many of the giant modeling agencies for runway and high fashion are located in NYC but you’ll find other New York cities and towns with opportunities for aspiring models.

They may not have \as many agencies but do some searching online and you will find a nice listing for New York model agencies in your area. Many models are going to local open calls and earning part or full time income doing what they love.

Any of these agents and scouts will take your career to the top if you have the qualifications and get accepted. It’s entirely up to you if you to do the work required to become a New York fashion model.

3. New York Commercial Modeling

In New York, as in other states, you will find better odds in getting jobs with a commercial model agency.

These agents are, for the most part, interested in women, men, teenagers, male and female, and maybe even a complete family going about everyday life ( lifestyle photos ) and look for models of all ages, heights and weights; from super young to mature seniors aka baby boomers. These are the people you usually see on TV, store counter displays and magazine advertisements, to name a few.

Male and female teens or others who want to pursue a career in this type of modeling need to gear their portfolio toward photos in real lifestyle ( slice of life ) events including some really good pictures taken outside and indoors.

As with any other portfolio goal, hire a good model portfolio photographer in New York who has plenty of experience working with this type model and the more specialized the better. Your book of photos will reflect the professionalism of the photography session.

Also, if you are a beginner, he or she will be more able to direct you with poses and expressions to give you better pictures. Only list your very best images in your book or on comp cards.

Agency Requirements for New York Runway Models

As stated above, runway and high fashion are really competitive but New York, especially NYC is the place to go for a career in this area. Before “popping in ” for an open call or interview make sure and contact the agency rep to find their specific requirements to make sure you qualify to apply. In NY runway modeling, being tall and slim will be a determining factor as to whether you get representation.

How Tall are New York Runway and High Fashion Models?

  • Teen Girls and Women: 5’9″ and 5’11”
  • Male Models: 5’11” up

Photos: Take one full length image in swim wear or tight fitting clothing to show off your figure. One straight-on head shot taken outdoors, without camera flash, wearing little or no makeup.

Look in the mirror and make sure your teeth are straight and white and, your complexion should be clear with very few flaws.

Your Portfolio of Pictures

Two final things you’ll need to learn how to become a New York model ( for local work ) is a portfolio of photos along with comp cards.

Only include the best pictures and discard any that are marginal. Same with your composite cards. The cards are great for leaving with NY modeling agencies so they will have a photo of you when considering a call back.

Becoming a New York model is pretty simple but involves determination and work to succeed in the entertainment industry. Read over these modeling tips again, find where you fit in as a model, practice your posing and facial expressions each day and learn everything you can from people who have been there.

Look in the mirror and be brutally honest with yourself as to where or whether you belong in this business. Take all the steps to become realistic about beginning a career as a New York model.

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