Things New Female Models Must Know

Do you feel you know all about women models because you’ve watched the reality shows on TV? Think again! This is a common mistake among new female models until they actually get involved in modeling.

That’s when they find out what really happens in this “glamorous” business.

So, I posted these 10 things you must know if you want to really get ahead in your model career.

new female models

new female models

Take this as a beginning. Then, learn all you can about modelling so you’ll stand out when opportunity knocks.

Millions of Girls Want to Model – But, These 10 Things New Female Models Must Know Will Shock You!

I don’t want to frighten you. Not at all. I only want to prepare you so you don’t fall into that modeling trap entered by so many new female models (males too).

Becoming one of the famous female models shown on the magazine covers is the dream of many young women around the world.

So, check the tips for newbies below.

But, before you get your heart set on getting into modeling there are 10 things new female models must know if they are considering this career.

Read these 10 things you didn’t know about issues women models face. And then, let me know your thoughts or experiences in the comments section below…

One: Not Enough Diversity Among Top New Female Models

Have you ever looked at advertisements and noticed there’s not much diversity between the top female models you see?

Yes, it’s true there is a lack of ethnic diversity among models.

Recently, fashion designers have made significant strides at trying to remedy this situation.

Designers began hiring more women models from:

  • Asia
  • India
  • and other countries abroad in 2015.

This is one step in the right direction.

But still, 80% of female models that walk in runway shows are Caucasian models.

Two: Fashion & Commercial Models Don’t Get to Keep the Products

Did you think models kept the clothes after the show was over? Most times, models don’t get to keep the clothes they’re featuring.

Now, when the model isn’t being paid, or they have it in their contract, they keep the products or clothes they model.

But, the majority of the time, models are only there to wear the clothes for the show and then return them.

Three: Many New Female Models Face Horrible Weight Problems

At one time, it seemed the modeling industry was making great strides with model’s weight requirements.

In the year 2015, French officials made it a requirement for new female models to get a certificate saying they are healthy enough to work.

This happened because of increased eating disorders in the fashion model industry.

But, there are still many modeling women who suffer from gross underweight and eating disorders which are usually the fault of the modeling agents.

Some beginner women models say they were told they were too large for the outfits. And, they couldn’t get work until they lost weight.

Because the majority of models are in their teens, this produces a huge health issue!

Four: Does Social Media Determine if You Can Become a Famous Female Model?

Nowadays, some agencies hire new female models with a big social media presence. So, this causes other not-so-popular models to spend 3 to 5 hours per day posting on these platforms.

Some companies seek out new faces who have a social media presence.

They believe the model’s fan base provides more recognition and exposure for products/services.

The problem? Some model girls who’ve been working in the business for years find themselves without representation.

And, the new female model with little or no experience take their jobs.

All this is because they have more followers to share.

And, with the tools & sites available, the followers may not even be real. Such a shame.

Five: Those Narrow Minded Bully Women Models

Because of this common practice, many new & even famous female models find their dream has turned into a nightmare.

When they finally feel they’ve made their mark, other models resort to bullying them.

This is a very competitive business. So, if two hot new models share the same look like brown eye color & fair complexion, they may become fierce competitors.

Bullying isn’t just something the new models face. These bullies attack even the most famous models.

The anonymity of the Internet opened the door for cyber-bullies since many times models can’t identify them.

But remember, you don’t need to be mean or a bully to model. In fact, I wrote a post about how you can model without acting like a jerk.

==> Read: Do Modeling Nice Girls Really Finish Last here..

Six: What the Heck is a Troll Model?

Trolls aren’t always paid. New female models are taken advantage of. Many times, they work for exposure only. And, they end up in debt instead of making money. This is a far cry from what many consider as teen careers, isn’t it?

Some of the so called good agencies sign new model girls and then it begins. The new girl lives in a modeling apartment. They pay for housing from the money they make modeling.

This reminds my of the “mill hill” houses provided for rent by the manufacturing plants where I grew up.

Sometimes, agents book new models on overseas assignments which are uncomfortable for the model. Yes, expenses are paid for but they basically work for exposure only. The new face model doesn’t find this life very appealing.

Lastly, agents expect their new career models to train for top performance. But, only a small percentage of these models get famous.

Seven: Parents and Minor Female Models Should Beware! Teen Models – Listen Up!

Shocking secrets abound in the modeling industry to be sure. But, the most disturbing one is how minor models are exploited in the industry.

Modeling agencies recruit girls who are 13. And, 54% started before they were age 16. The Miami, Los Angeles & New York modeling agencies promise parents their daughters are chaperoned. They promise protection when models travel or go to castings.

But, this just isn’t true in many cases.

Many underage girl models are placed in inappropriate situations. And, the career guidance is not ethical every time.

Without guidance, these young female models work 14 hr days and become involved in other illegal child labor practices. These include terrible physical working conditions.

new female models

new female models

Eight: Can Modeling be Dangerous?

Because of the Internet, new female models now network with photographers and agencies online.

And, photographers & agents don’t always have to go through a background check.

This practice puts new female models in sometimes dangerous scenarios.

Now, do all photographers take advantage of these new female models?

Not at all. But, it pays to check out anyone your are going to meet. And, ALWAYS take someone with you to these meetings and photo shoots.

Also, dangerous elements apply to many physical photo shoots.

Ex ANTM judge Nigel Barker said the craziest photo shoot he was ever a part of had models posing in a bullring in Spain – with live bulls!

As a photographer myself, I don’t think I want to get in a ring with models and bulls!

Nine: Your Modeling Reputation Sets a New Standard for Your Female Model Career

Firstly, models enjoy few friends. So, they often give other new models they like references to their agencies or potential jobs.

If a model is professional and pleasant to work with, they normally get more work. Why? Because a pleasant person with a great attitude shows her personality in pictures.

Remco van der linden worked as a male model for over 20 years. His secret remains his good reputation.

This model has clients who’ve stuck with him for ten years or more.

Also, Remco gets other new faces signed to his modeling agency including his father.

The father works as a model at seventy years old!

Ten: The Physical Price New Female Models Pay

new female models

“Even new female models are expected to give 100% at the beginning, and the end of the day.”

You may not agree, but modeling is hard work physically.

The physical part includes walking the catwalk in sky high heels. Also, a model sometimes poses for 10 to 14 hour long photo shoots.

Yes, modeling is a physical job. For instance, during Fashion Weeks, new female models incur bruises on their bodies.

And, they walk runway shows in outrageous high heel shoes- many times too small for their feet. Oh, the blisters do come!

Sometimes, a model can be fatigued from lack of rest and the stress of a fashion shoot. All these things add up in her life.

And, she is still expected to give 100% at the end of the day. People laugh at videos of falling down on the runway. But, it’s certainly not that funny to the new model – hoping for her start.

This is What Makes Up a Female Model – Are You Still Willing to Dive In?

What are some things you learned about new female models in this industry?

Tell us about it by commenting below. And remember to subscribe to my modeling tips newsletter or, get my modeling book before you go.

I hope these 10 pitfalls new female models face didn’t discourage you.

When all is said and done, not all agents are crooks and not all photographers are pigs.

Please take these new model “warnings” seriously.

Be careful and keep common sense in the picture. If it sounds too good to be true; it most likely is.

When you takes steps to learn how to be a model, don’t let them intimidate you. I hope you have a great life as a model. – Bob


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