New Adventures – Landscape Photography Video

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Discover the Wonder of Landscape Photography – Video Shows Some Amazing Photos!

If you want amazing pictures, visit amazing places!

This is one of the biggest understatements in modern landscape photography.

Truth is, shooting a bland, non-impressive landscape is just a waste of a good camera!

So, take time to watch this landscape photo tutorial video to see a forest come alive before your eyes! – Bob


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From the Photographer…

I just want to begin by welcoming you back to another video.

In today’s video, I get to go back to photograph a couple of images I had seen on past visits in my local are which didn’t work because the conditions at the time, then I was excited to head on to a new location.

So now the Provincial parks here in British Columbia have now opened their gates, new adventures in British Columbia await.

Thanks again for watching & I hope you enjoy today’s video.

8 thoughts on “New Adventures – Landscape Photography Video

  1. Brilliant to see such a beautiful place, really enjoyed it. How long does it take your to edit these videos?

  2. Bri, I spent a day in Golden Ears park a couple of years ago when visiting Vancouver. As in your videos, it was pouring rain and heavily overcast. I captured a few images, but they were obvious images of waterfalls and rivers. All around me was a spectacular forest with moss-covered trees. Unfortunately, I was with a group so I had to keep moving, unable to explore the many photo possibilities. If I ever get back I’ll go alone and spend much more time looking for compositions that work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Glad that I could show you the area you’ve visited in the past, truly is a place where opportunities for new images are pretty much endless. Looking forward to heading back there soon so I can have a much better look around. Even though the weather was a bit gloomy it was still quite a magical place to be early in the morning.

  4. Thanks, Mike always encouraging when I see that people enjoy my videos. Timescale for the videos vary quite a bit, as I like to take my time, & its a bit like when editing images I like to leave it a day or two then go back with a fresh head. Usually 3days or more depending on how long the video is going to be. I try to go for quality over quantity when uploading, so it is pleasing to hear people enjoy the content & appreciate the time I put into my videos.

  5. @Bri Barnham Photography You certainly have managed to tick the quality box, looking forward to seeing more of BC. WIsh I had those forests on my doorstep, although we do have some nice ones here in Surrey (UK)

  6. Mike Gosheron Pleased to hear the extra time I take producing my videos comes across in the final footage. British Columbia is very vast, so never short of places to photograph here. Forests & woodland here are very green most of the yr, so they do lack character of woodlands you can find back there in the UK, so wherever in the world you live we are all lucky to be able to photograph what we have around us. Cheers Mike

  7. Another enjoyable video,and what a location…I want to explore it myself! Your choice of music really adds to the calming vibe of your videos,which is something a lot of vloggers neglect.Combined with your excellent camera work,it creates a very impressive experience!

  8. Thanks for that Neil. It’s a beautiful area, I was actually back there today hoping for fog this morning, unfortunately my weather app clear outside got it wrong huh. But hopefully I’ll have a video up soon. As for music it always takes me ages to find music that suits the location, & yes it helps the flow. Glad you enjoyed it Neil.

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