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Top Supermodels – Naomi Campbell

Don’t let her ethnic background of being part Chinese and part Jamaican fool you. This girl named Naomi Campbell, one of the queens of the catwalk, has everything it takes to be a top female supermodel known from Milan to NYC – as I believe you’ll agree.

One look into Naomi Campbell’s eyes is enough to sense her photographic charisma.

supermodel Naomi Campbell

supermodel Naomi Campbell

Her Jamaican and Chinese heritage gives her an alluring exotic appearance. And, her eyes penetrate with a startlingly intensity.

How Did Naomi Campbell Become a Female Supermodel?

There is a magnetic quality around this supermodel that has catapulted her into a fame that has been the envy of many, and the enjoyment of her fans.

This British native was born on May 22, 1970 in Streatham, South London, England. Her lower middle-class beginnings held no hint of the millionaire lifestyle that she would one day achieve.

Naomi Campbell And Elite Models

When Naomi was 15, an agent with the Elite Modeling Agency spotted her as she walked down a London street.

Naomi was near her school in Covent Garden at the time.

The agent, Beth Boldt, suggested that Naomi take some test photos. She was soon signed with the agency for models and her career has gone steadily uphill ever since.

Measure For Measure, Naomi Has What It Takes

Her measurements are impressive. She is just under 5’10”. And, her figure is a curvaceous 34B-23-34.

Yet, it’s her face that has captured the attention of photographers and fans alike.

Her gaze is both arresting and alluring, a combination that has put her in much demand as a model.

The Historic Naomi Campbell – The First Black Model To Grace A Major Fashion Magazine

When Naomi was 18, she was the first black woman to be featured on the cover of a major fashion magazine.

The cover of French Vogue was the turning point in her career and made her instantly recognized worldwide.

Film Star Too?

With all her modeling fame, Naomi hasn’t limited herself to photos. She honed her acting career as well.

She developed a taste for acting as a child and appeared in the film, Quest for Fire.

When she started her modeling career, she also attended classes as the London Academy for Performing Arts.

The combination of her physical beauty and her acting ability eventually open the door to Hollywood.

Her film credits included gigs alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. Her debut was a part in the movie, Cool as Ice, in which she played a singer.

Throughout the 90s, she made several cameo appearances of herself in both movies and television.

Naomi made it to prime time television on such popular shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, New York Undercover, and The Cosby Show.

As With Many Supermodels Naomi Campbell Suffers In Her Personal Life

Her personal life includes a steady and rapid changing of lovers and live-ins. One of the more interesting rumors was that when she was dating Robert De Niro, she became jealous and suspected he was cheating on her.

She reported a fire at his apartment, apparently to ‘smoke’ out the possible lovers.

The Raging Temper Of Naomi Campbell – Don’t Follow This Lead ..

Naomi’s personality is a little fiery as well. Her temper is well known and has caused problems at many photo shoots.

Her tendency to always be late is another bad habit that has decreased her popularity with some in the industry. ( I wouldn’t suggest your using these techniques in your modeling career plans. )

She seems to enjoy the limelight and has made that preference known. At one fashion show, she refused to walk down the runway because Tyra Banks was working in that same show.

These emotional outbursts however, can’t completely diminish Naomi’s presence when she’s in front of the camera; in fact, her personality seems to add power to her modeling and acting career.

A Writer Too?

Naomi Campbell has made an indelible mark on the fashion industry. And to further add to this, she also published two books.

She co-wrote the bestseller, Swan, and also selected the photos for the book, in which she traces her highly successful modeling career.

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