My photos, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada – easily seen from Las Vegas strip

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This is first time you hear me talking than singing. It is different! I used old photos to learn to do my first travel video. In recent years, I have tried to learn photography. I hope I have improved my skills as I have been around many photographers in the past.

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Music: The opening by Dan Lebowitz

Some of my English cover songs:

Prayer Secret Garden

Scarborough Fair

Tonight I celebrate my love for you

Woman in love

Power of Love

You raise me up

Fleurs Du Mal 2017

First of May

Somewhere My Love

My heart will go on

over and over (new version)


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19 thoughts on “My photos, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada – easily seen from Las Vegas strip

  1. This is my first travel video and I will organize my photos and videos and make more of them.

  2. Oh it’s very nice Yuan! I’d rather be out on the rocks than in Las Vegas (although I’ve never been there). I’d love to go scrambling up there- nice share! 👌🌞👌

  3. Thanks, these two places are different. After visiting Las Vegas, it is nice to go outside into this area to relax.

  4. Fantastic video dear Yuan 😉 Thank you for sharing ✿ Warm regards from my heart for you and your beautiful family.Greetings

  5. Thanks for your nice comment. First time to do travel video. I used to only sing songs in YouTube.

  6. Hello dear Yuanyuan,
    I like it very much, also this is first time I listen you speaking !!
    Congratulations for this new experience, best wishes of success!
    Warm regards my dear old friend,

  7. Haha, my dear friend. I think I am a little afraid when I record speaking. My singing is better than speaking. I will improve my speaking, I should be able to do it better.

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