Some Sensible Modeling Tips for Women

We’ve all seen the girls who model in the Victoria’s Secret magazines and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Who wouldn’t want to look like that? They’re slim, tan, fit, and utterly sexy – in several ways, the physically perfect woman.

People aren’t perfect, and while looking great is a worthwhile goal, some women are starving themselves to achieve a particular measurement: size zero. Based on a set of measurements equaling 31–23–32, size zero may make finish sense if you’re a petite 5-foot-tall elfin beauty.

How tall are these models?

Most female fashion models are required to be 5′ 9″, making a 23-inch waist measurement almost obscene. several models have actually died after battling eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia to achieve these measurements – not glamorous at all!

So how can we look like swimsuit models without dieting and working out like fashion models? Good question! The trick to a fit, lean, HEALTHY body has actually less to do along with measurements and more to do along with the question of body composition.

Trim downmodeling tricks for women

Body composition essentially amounts to the ratio of body fat to muscle within the human body – in general, fat + muscle = total weight. So a person along with 35% body fat is going to look a lot heavier than a person along with 12% body fat,

No matter if those two people weigh exactly the same amount. It’s entirely possible for a woman who wants to model and weighs 125 and wear a size 6 at 25% body fat to drop to a size 2 and 17% body fat without shedding any pounds.

Especially for women, lean muscle mass does not automatically lead to a “ripped,” overly masculine physique. On the contrary, muscular women tend to be sleek and streamlined, along with beautifully defined legs and abs. Because muscle burns more calories than fat, the addition of lean muscle mass will actually make it harder to gain fat in the future – which is great news for most of us!

Get strength first – then model for swimwear

Rather than focusing obsessively on measurements and numbers, women wishing for swimsuit model bodies should focus on strength training, numerous playful running, jumping, and outdoorsy fun, and a healthy diet that restricts carbohydrates to 150 grams per day or less.

Science is showing more and more often that insulin spikes caused by carbohydrate intake lead to fluctuations in blood sugar and increased fat gain, so grab a hard-boiled egg and skip the toast!

Modeling tips for Victoria’s Secret women (at heart)

Remember, beauty equals health, and following a fashion model’s diet of lettuce and diet coke may make you thin, but it won’t make you shine.

Let’s take the girls at Victoria’s Secret – one of them recently got flack for showing a little bit of back fat at a runway show, but she is glowing and smiling and looks 5,000 times hotter than any anorexic size zero sweetheart. Guys around the world agree: you’d rather look like her, not them, wouldn’t you?

The best modeling tip for women I can think of?

When all is said and done focus on healthy habits if you want to become a model. If you don’t have the body type for runway fashion, then pick a different category like promo or maybe glamour model jobs if you have curves. I hope these modeling tips for women will be helpful in determining the kind of career you want to shoot for. Come again and keep your modeling goals in the forefront!

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