Could you do a modeling photo shoot with no makeup on? These famous girls didn’t do exactly that but came very close. In this fantasy world of professional makeup artists and Photoshop wizards it’s refreshing to watch this models without makeup video and see how they really look – au natural. Watch below and then give your opinions and favorite models in the comment box below.

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Natural and Beautiful Models Without Makeup Video

The five famous supermodels who graciously let down their guards and allowed themselves to be photographed with no makeup are:

  • Vasilisa Pavlova
  • Britt Maren
  • Maria Borges
  • Anastasiia Ivanova
  • Anja Cihoric

As you can see in the popular model video, the amazing part is that these female models are really great looking before the MUA does her magic. That’s what many times sets apart a true supermodel from the rest of the girls who apply.

Am I saying you have to have the look of these models without makeup to make it in the modeling network? Not at all but, you’ll have to agree that having timeless beauty is a big plus when it comes to high fashion modeling.

The Models Without Makeup in the Video Take Care of Themselves

I’ve gone over this before but it’s worth repeating. As a photographer I’ve seen girls come into my studio who don’t take care of their bodies. They smoke. They eat unhealthy foods and color their hair frequently so they do not look their best for the photo shoots so important to their careers.

Don’t Do IT!

As a female model you have an obligation to take care of your teeth, skin, hair and body. I’m sure that supermodels like Maria Borges make a daily effort to maintain their beauty & health.

Stay away from any drugs along with smoking, drinking and other beauty killers. If you can’t go cold turkey right away on your smokes, you can try vaping or e-cigs during the transition. Click here to see SmokeCartel products you can start with. Don’t go overboard with tattoos (almost everyone wants them removed when they’re older).  If you follow these suggestions you’ll thank me for it in the future.

I hope these tips will help you become a better model and be the best you can be. The reason I listed the models without makeup video is to inspire you to move further in your modeling career than you dreamed possible. Maybe you’ll be able to do makeup free pictures without fear. I’ll talk to you again soon. Let me know your thoughts below. – Bob Pardue

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