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Models Falling Down [Video] – Fun in High Heels (For You & Me)

If you are like me, watching people fall is always funny, as long as it’s someone else!

These clips of models falling down wearing high heels is a great example!

Models Falling Down Fun

Models Falling Down Fun

The Story of the China Runway Curse

Even though China Fashion Week is a serious event for models, fashion designers and clothes buyers there is still that margin of error (falling down) when wearing high heels on slippery runways. And, do you know what happened? Right!

Writer Emily Popp of Style Fashion tells the story of 3 runway models falling down during the famous fashion event – all in one show! She writes:

“Sure, the occasional runway tumble isn’t that uncommon—but three spills during one show? That’s a little extreme. Was the catwalk cursed!?

Um yeah, probably not. The fact that the runway turned into a game of human dominoes really isn’t that surprising considering the models were wearing 7 and 8-inch platform heels.

Yup, you read that right—8 inches! And it’s not like these tall, reedy models have a particularly low center of gravity to begin with.

Stick ’em in a pair of lethal platform heels, and boom! Down they go.

One model in a sheer checkered dress managed to catch herself before she face-planted, and another model in a bright red wig and towering wire sculpture hat tripped and fell to her knees.

But the winner for best fall goes to the model in a red leather bodysuit.

She strutted the runway carrying a long flowing shawl, which of course got caught up in her platform stilettos…and you can guess what happened next. She ate it. Ouch.” read more ..

My Experience with Models Falling in High Heels

As a model photographer I’ve watched my share of bloopers in the studio and during fashion shows but it’s so much better to sit back and watch them on video, isn’t it?

In reality, I feel so sorry for those beautiful fashion models who are doing their best to present an air of dignity to the outfits they wear.

These are high stake clothes, designed by some of the most famous people in the world. And where do these high priced dresses end up? On the floor with the model of course. So, how do you feel now? Like laughing? Okay then!

Watch Models Falling Down – LOL!

You can laugh out loud without offending anyone and rewind your favorite high heel clad models falling down to watch over and over again. I hope you enjoyed this funny video and will comment below. – Bob Pardue


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