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Video – Runway Models Fall Down During Show

This cool models fall down video might be pretty funny to us. But, not to them when they’re trying to make a living in modeling.

Think walking the runway is easy? Try it sometime! In this video fashion models might grab our funny bone when they fall down on the runway but there are reasons for these disasters.

And, a quick lesson to learn if you are planning a career in modeling. Have fun – and go to the real modeling school!

Learning How to Model Walk

As you see in the video, these female models are already professionals and very talented. But, mistakes do happen and when it’s in front of a huge and expectant crowd of high fashion buyers, the event is much more embarrassing.

So, if you are a new talent – or even beginning to consider this entertainment profession, watch the video but don’t dwell on it. Just be aware that things happen.

I love the way these girls pick themselves up and go on as if nothing happened. And, after licking their wounds, they are ready and excited about the next fashion show. This is what a professional female model does. The reaction is as important as the fall itself! Watch to see why ..

Video Shows How Runway Models Do Fall Down – Sometimes

Why Top Models Fall

As I said above, walking for a living is not always as easy as it looks.

These young women are strutting their stuff on the very slippery runway surface wearing extra high heels which are thin and flimsy – making the catwalk sometimes a dangerous obstacle course.

And, all the while the model has to maintain a certain look, keep her poise and present the clothing she is wearing in the best possible light.

Sometimes these dresses and outfits are worth thousands of dollars so the stakes are high for the designers – and the models.

How to Practice the Runway Walk

Now, as these girls are pros and still have some trouble walking the runway from time to time – you need to practice even more if you want to be in the lights one day.

I’m not going to cover everything here but there is another page with a lesson on how to walk the runway for female models.

But, don’t just watch the lesson, set up a schedule to rehearse often and stick to it.

Nothing takes the place of being prepared when you find yourself walking for a job opportunity at an open call. So, enjoy the video showing how (other) models fall down.

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