Models and Eyebrows

Well, not really! These beautiful celebrities and supermodels in today’s story have one thing in common. They all are models and eyebrows who made the news! Enjoy these beauty tips for modeling!

From Taylor Swift to Real Models and Eyebrows – Eyebrow Stories from the Crypt – Shaughnessy Brown and Model Eyebrow Talk

The beautiful and talented Shaughnessy Brown talks to about how she uses her famous eyebrows in her modeling career;

Models and Eyebrows

Models and Eyebrows

““[Shields] was one of the first model-slash-actresses that I knew, and people would say, ‘Whoa, you really look like this woman—you could do what she does,’” said Brown.

“If brows are the key to success in Hollywood, the young model won’t remain under the radar for long.

Here, she talks about how she uses the hair above her eyes as a “tool” and reveals her recipe for a homemade moisturizer that works wonders on dry skin and tattoos.”

What Do Taylor Swift and Eyebrows Have in Common?

Rated “most awesome person on the planet” several times, actress Taylor Swift is not above modeling Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows on the front cover of Wonderland magazine. MTV writes;

Taylor Swift has been unveiled as Wonderland’s latest cover girl and she’s had something of a Cara Delevingne-style eyebrow makeover that we totally heart.

Photographed by Thomas Whiteside, Swifty wears a white Boss sweater, her hair slicked back and her make-up kept minimal aside from those shaded brows.”

Girls with Blonde Eyebrows

And next, I found this story for you just for the fun of it. It is from StyleCaster  and explores 10 things not to say to a blonde with eyebrows to match.
Some are lame, some are great but all are in good humor! I’ll list the first ones on the list and you can decide whether or not to read the rest. They write;
“Bold brows are the “it” beauty accessory these days. That’s all fine and good for the Cara Delevingnes’ of the world.
But, for ladies with blonde eyebrows, the trend falls more on the aggravating side of the fence.
  1. “You probably never have to get your eyebrows done.”
  2. “LOL, you don’t even have eyebrows.”
  3. “Have you ever tried an eyebrow pencil?”
  4. “You have to try this new brow gel I got. It will change your life.”

Don’t Ridicule Blonde Models or Friends

No, I really don’t want you insulting blondes. Haven’t they suffered enough “blonde jokes” to last them for a good, long while?
But seriously, I hope you enjoyed this beauty segment about female modeling and eyebrows and will like this page before you leave.
Footnote: If you can think of some things not to say to a blonde with eyebrows, let us know in the comments below. Thanks! – Bob

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