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Should You Use Modeling Websites? Do They Help Your Career?

In this video tutorial Cristina talks about modeling websites and agencies online.

Many new models wonder if modeling sites are worthwhile.

But, I’ll leave that up to you after you read these agency tips for models & watch the video…

modeling websites

modeling websites

Use Web Sites to Learn How to Become a Model

Why should you use websites for modeling? The fastest way to become a model is to line up for an audition at a modeling company. And, what better way to find access than to click a few buttons on your keyboard to reach modeling websites who may be able to help in your goals.

These modeling websites save you the trouble of finding out whether there are openings at a local agency.

Model Websites Reach a Community of Professionals

The Internet has created a platform which brings models, modeling communities, professional photographers, and agencies together.

It is now possible to exchange modeling information, photographs, videos, and entire portfolios instantly and across your geographical barriers online.

You can actually start your career by interacting with management companies across different websites.

Faster Internet Increases Scope Of Talent Correspondence

Sending photographs across to different agents is very easy with digital media content synchronized with higher Internet speeds.

It doesn’t take very long to send media content either through e-mail or through security-driven platforms, established by different agencies on their websites.

Early on, creating a model portfolio of photographs was the purview of a few select fashion photographers.

A new model found it very difficult to afford their charges. However, it has become much easier to work with agencies who do not demand photographs clicked by professionals.

That Was Then – This Is Now!

Models send clear images including head shots and body shots to model management companies as per their requirements.

Be sure to save modeling photos in formats universally accepted by different websites (normally .jpg – not giant sizes).

Once you reach the modeling website of your choice, you’ll discover information regarding:

  • local fashion photographers
  • boutiques
  • hair stylists
  • agents
  • competitions
  • and even simple tips in great detail.

Most talent agencies list simple instructions for applying. Many hold open calls at different intervals to help people to come together.

How to Create Your Own Modeling Website

model agency websites

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Creating a free website is child’s play. Just create a blog & talk about yourself, hobbies, qualifications, interests, etc.

And, include photographs and videos on your new website.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media created the mechanism that allows models to interact with other people having common interests.

Websites like Model Mayhem allow you to design artistic websites.

This service is free of cost to models (although they have a paid upgrade) with absolutely no knowledge of computer languages or designing.

Use The Power Of Social Media To Brand Yourself

Aspiring models use the power of social networking sites including Twitter or Facebook to reach an audience nearly impossible without help of the Internet.

These networking and model picture sites have the capacity to communicate through friends and fan pages from one person to another.

If you have a photogenic face and a great portfolio, your pics could literally reach hundreds of people in the modeling network through individuals backed by the power of search engines.

Model Agents & Websites

If you are serious about a career, find modeling websites owned by local talent companies.

Casting calls, updating your profile with recent photos, and communicating with potential clients in real time is possible.

It does take time to create a unique niche and identity for yourself as a model. Nevertheless, the Internet makes it possible to cut down the time needed to promote and establish yourself drastically.

Make your move now and find yourself among elite models in much less time than you can imagine.

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Final Note about Modelling Sites

When making contacts, make sure the website (and the company) you are visiting is legitimate. Many agencies charge fees to list you and promise the moon – but never deliver.

Use common sense when using these modeling websites and you should be okay.

If you are uncertain as to where to start, check some forums on sites like Model Mayhem ( Then, ask other working models and photographers to help guide you.

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If you do your research, modeling websites can be your friend. Go check out a few now and start your new adventure! – Bob Pardue

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