Truth is – Picking the Wrong Modeling Types Can Ruin Your Career Chances, Don’t Make This Common Mistake! Try this first…

modeling types

modeling types

Getting into this amazing industry called modeling can be confusing to some newcomers.

They are used to seeing only one or two different modeling types, not realizing that there are other opportunities for them to pursue. The types of models listed below will open your eyes to career possibilities.

If You Want to Become a Model You Should Know the Modeling Types

If you ask most beginners what type modeling they want to train and work for they will either answer runway or fashion. That’s great! But, what if you are not super tall? There are lots of different modeling types and I want to share a few with you.

To learn how to become a professional model and getting skills, it will take more than just walking down a runway or getting a gig to do a fashion or catalog shoot.

What Kind of Model Are You? Learn Different Modeling Types – Where do You fit in as a Model?

Types of Modeling Jobs

A big question I’ve heard many times is; “How tall do you have to be to model?” Model physical requirements are different depending upon the modeling type you choose.

If you are not 5’8″ or taller the odds are greatly against you for runway and many fashion jobs.

But, don’t despair! These are not the only two ways you can earn money from modeling. There are other modeling types where you might fit right in.

Male, female, teens and adults are all interested in a career in modeling but where do they fit in?

modeling types

modeling types

Discover Where You Belong in Modeling to Move Ahead of the Rest…

The most talked about jobs are in high fashion or runway but did you know there are other opportunities in promotional, plus size, catalog and glamour modeling?

Here are some types of international or local modeling jobs you might consider.

This may be something you didn’t know, but there are more opportunities than just walking down a runway or working through a high fashion model management agency although you may be suited for this type of modeling.

Did You Know Modeling Types Might Include Television?

If you like doing product or advertising shoots then you may want to look into doing some TV commercials.

The TV industry (local and national) is always on the lookout for new faces to promote their products.

But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.


What are all the Model Types Anyhow?

Below find the different types of modeling so that you will know what’s available and where you fit as a model into the big picture.

So, let’s go …

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Modeling Types and Your Career

Remember, no matter what type modeling career you choose, one of the first steps is to get a professional model portfolio done.

I can’t stress enough the importance of posting professional pictures online and having good, clear photos to leave with agencies and clients.


modeling types

Now that you’ve discovered all these different modeling types it’s time to take action. Do your modeling homework and contact some model agencies to capture your dream.

Can you really become a famous model & appear on the magazine covers? I can’t answer that question for you. But I always answer with my own question. Do you really want it? Ask yourself this question and then make a plan.

Many modeling careers are born from learning the trade and contacting model agencies. But, be sure you know the modeling types and where you fit in to increase your odds.Visit again soon! – Bob Pardue

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