How do I start a modeling career?“. I’ve heard this question hundreds of times and there is no cut and dry answer. There are so many shapes, sizes and ages of girls and guys that each has a unique place in the industry.

Learning how to model can be simple but it is not always easy to break into the competitive world of glamour or finding local model agents, especially with the competition of all the other beautiful girls looking for the same career with their amazing talent.

Breaking Into the World of Female Modeling

A very well known fact is that countless numbers of pretty young women dream of getting started in the network.

Why you may ask? Well, I believe it pretty much comes down to three things..

1. First and foremost, she has the dream of being accepted and deemed beautiful and/or unique by a “professional”.

2. Then you can look at the educational aspect of it all. In short, you don’t exactly need to be a brain or have a master’s degree to strut your stuff and do catwalk modeling, do you? Sure, it pays to learn the ways of the business and what the designers are looking for, but that comes with time.

3. Show me the money. Finally, consider the income. We redundantly hear stories about how much “super models” earn. I’ve heard of top females getting paid $20,000. for only one day’s modeling session.

Do Your Eyes See Dollar Signs when You See a Models Wanted Advertisement?

Although this is a great deal of capital, we should keep in mind that these are the select few at the top of their game.

Not every beautiful girl can earn such an income. But, There Are Careers in Modeling Available

Now, having said all that, it’s also crucial to remember that there are always more models wanted. The business, like any other industry, is constantly looking for the next big thing. Are you it?

Open Calls for Needed Models

Ever been to an open-call? This is generally where models wanted are discovered. Modeling agencies, big and small, hold open calls on a weekly basis or less.

This is when you have the opportunity to show them what you’re made of. But, before you head in there to talk it up with the industry pros, I must suggest a few things.

I guess you could say I have the inside scoop since I have been a photographer in the modeling world for quite a number of years.

How to Look and Act Like a Model at Open Call

At the first meeting with a talent agent, show them the very best you can be. To be your most beautiful self means applying the time and effort for taking great care of your skin, teeth, and hair.

How to Look Fabulous During Your Model Agency Interview

To look great, you have to groom properly and eat foods that are good for you (Lay off the burgers and fast food). This relates to your physique as well.

Men and women who plan to answer an open call for models wanted should steer clear of that annoying body fat. Just because you are a thin 19 year old girl, does not always mean that you’re in good shape.

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Do You Have Million Dollar Legs?

Let’s do a quick body modeling inventory. Are those thighs jiggling or hard? Men should focus on getting sculpted. I’m not talking Hulk Hogan here, but you will need a ripped body to compete with the models sitting next to you at open-call.

You might find female models wanted at Next or Marilyn Modeling Agency , but they only pick about 1 in every 20,000 people they see.


The world of modeling is no doubt a bizarre one. It can be difficult to tell what a female talent scout or agent is searching for. Just because you are beautiful, doesn’t mean you’ll make the cut.

Dreaming of Becoming a Model? Have a Unique and Beautiful New Look

When you think of models wanted in this day and age, think of beautiful but unique, or sometimes quirky.

Fashion designers have surreal taste to say the least. Give yourself a chance to succeed by following the advice above and learn all you can about the modeling industry. Find agencies and ask about open calls. Find what they are looking for and give it to them.

And, most of all, make contacts so that you are “in the right place at the right time” when the models wanted information becomes available. It doesn’t matter how pretty, tall or thin you are if no one knows you exist.

Now it’s time to get your modeling career on the move by searching for a talent agent in your area. Just go to our model agency by state listings page and go to your state to find a modeling agency.

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