Modeling Terms

You Know How to Walk Like a Model But Can You Talk Like One? Know These Modeling Terms by Heart

If you’ve followed my model blog for any length of time, you know it’s jam packed with tips for your model career. But, one thing I neglected was teaching “inside” modeling terms you need to know.

Get just a taste of terms used in modeling the supermodels already know.

Learn to harness these industry words like “new faces” and “booker“.

This way, you’ll know exactly what the agency is talking about when they use them.

Ready? Let’s learn some modeling talk!

modeling terms

modeling terms

1. Casting Director

Casting starts the process of choosing models for a job. And,you can appear in person, where lots of models go to meet casting directors and show them their photos.

Or, casting happens directly between the Booker and the casting director via email.

During a casting, show Polaroid type natural modeling pictures.

These photos are presented with no makeup and plain clothes to show clients exactly what they look like.

2. New Faces

Basically, agencies call new models by their other name, new faces. Each modeling agency employs a special team of Booker’s who worked with these models. They helped them at the start of their career.

These models are called new faces the moment they first walk into the agency.

3. Go See

Clients and photographers hold a GoSee to get to know models for the first time.  They decide how to use a model’s look for future projects during this meeting.

Of course, every model is different. So, a models look becomes extremely important to clients.

Also, the model’s body measurements come into play during a GoSee.

These measurements include…

  • Height
  • bust or chest
  • waist
  • hips
  • and shoe size.

4. Casting Director

modeling words and termsThe casting director is the person who chooses models for a job.

These modeling jobs include editorials and campaigns.

They may choose models from the main board.

Or, they take a chance and hire one of their new faces for a project.

So, it’s important to keep great, updated photos with the agency at all times.

The casting director may choose you if they like your look.

5. Option

Another important modeling term includes the word option.

Before a model is confirmed to work on a job they are held on option. Yes, the option becomes the last step before booking a job.

6. Model Card

Each model owns a card with their photo, measurements and contact information included. The model card is also known as a composite or comp card.

Model cards reside on a ball or board at the talent agency and given to clients for castings.

7. Stylist

The stylist chooses and organizes the clothing for photo shoots. And, they give advice about how clothing should be worn at a fashion show.

So, be prepared to wear a variety of dresses and accessories when you walk into the photographer’s studio or location.

8. Client

This seems fairly obvious as modeling terms go, but worth mentioning. The client is the clothing designer or magazine who books the model for certain jobs.

Again, a model needs to keep updated photos on hand to insure the client gets her most recent look.

9. Booker

A Booker, also known as an agent, organizes modeling jobs at the agency.

10. Scout

casting director model termThe scout finds new models. So, they work everywhere from airports to concerts and shopping centers looking for new talent.

Then, the scout presents these new faces to the modeling agency for consideration.

If you are tall, don’t be surprised if a modeling scout approaches you at the mall one Saturday.

But, don’t count on this way of getting discovered. It’s best to contact as many local modeling agencies as possible to insure you get listed…

and get jobs.

==> See a state by state list of local modeling agencies here…

11. Walk

A new model must learn how to move on the catwalk. It’s called a walk but there’s much more to it than that.

So, catwalk coaches teach models how to move in a controlled, confident way. Be careful when you walk in those high heels on slippery runways.

12. Main Board

The main board includes the most established models at the agency. The great part is, they have their own team of model bookers. If you are fortunate enough to get on the main board, expect plenty of modeling work to come your way!

13. Editorial

In a nutshell, an editorial is a photo shoot published in the magazine you modeled for. This is the story behind the pictures. Editorial models are paid well for their pictures, especially when used in national magazines.

You Now Know the Modeling Terms – It’s Time to Do Something for Your Career!

Now that you know many of the words and terms for the modeling industry, it’s time to take action. Move your model career to the next level by learning more about the entertainment business, contacting and practicing your skills.

I suggest setting some goals for your career and work on them daily. I’ve seen tons of models come through my studio but only a precious few actually did anything further.

It’s okay to dream about modeling and learn some modeling terms. But, you have to apply what you learn to succeed.

Walt Disney once said…

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Don’t put off living your dream of becoming a model. Get going. Rev up your courage and contact some agents to see what happens. You just never know what you can do until you try.


Now that you know your modeling terms, take that next step to learning how to model. Check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

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