Are You Looking at Going to Classes for Models? – Think Twice about Modeling Schools!

There are lots of good-looking young people out there right now who are agonizing over whether they should do modeling schools.

Well, what’s to think about? You go there, you get to dress up, discover what type model you want to be.

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Only You Can Decide Whether to Attend Modeling School

Then you simply walk up and down a catwalk and look gorgeous, you’re in the big time already – Right? Well, you might want to read further..

The Expense Factor

Are these places worth the money spent? Some charge as high as $5,000 for seminars or conventions – sometimes cruises where you can “get discovered”.

As you probably realize, you shouldn’t look at it like going to college or taking a couple of acting classes at the community university.

Model classes can become very expensive, but no more than people generally expect to spend on learning a music instrument or studying dance or some other interest. It’s pretty much something that most families can afford.

Modeling schoolsWhere’s the Fun?

But hold on there – what we just described above about having fun while attending. That’s a joke right? That’s not really what they do there – right?

Modeling school is more about intensive training of some kind isn’t it – something of the kind they show in the movie Miss congeniality where Michael Cain comes in to train a ferocious pit bull of Sandra Bullock?

While it would be nice if they did that, that’s not what happens in these modeling schools in normal situations. That’s not what you get for your money.

Worth It?

In most average sized towns around this country, a cool model agency might also run one – or offer lessons of some sort. It’s just their way of breaking into little extra money. In truth, these schools often mean very little.

In fact, time could be better spent talking to people who can help you start or even going it as a freelance model. You don’t need a cute little teenager showing you some moves she just recently learned herself!

Take a Good Look Before You Leap

The Agents Will Direct You

These classes don’t normally teach you anything that could get you hired by an agent. In fact, ask almost any management company, and they would rather you never had any training.

They want to be able to teach you themselves, to their standards.


Who is Your Teacher?

In fact, they believe that many of the things a model school teaches, are quite wrong. The thing is,in  these places, the teachers are many times models from 25 years ago so are not up to date on the network.

Modeling Skills?

They are not people who are anxious to keep up with how the network has changed over the years. In fact, you don’t even often get teachers like this. Often you just get general pretty people who have no talent or experience at all.


Pictures are Good But ..

Some people carry around their model’s photo portfolio which a modeling school gives them, and they believe that pretty portfolio can get them jobs.

Most of the time though, the pictures they take are quite under the standard.

They just hope that he will not know any better. In fact, there are a lot of things that they hope you don’t know about.

Heartbreak from the Agents

For instance, they hope you are not aware that, when you are really ready to get into the industry, when you take your photos around all the agencies and ask for a break, they’re not going to ask you if you’ve been to one of these modeling schools – and if you tell them, they’re not even going to ask to look at anything you have. They don’t care.

Runway Jobs

Yes, there are jobs available but, the high fashion career you are promised most likely will not happen UNLESS …

  • you are a teenager
  • really tall and really skinny
  • live in a big city that has lots of opportunities for the future
  • you have months to run after those opportunities and really work at it


Stay Focused and Real

I sure don’t want to be the one to get you down and out so don’t be discouraged by all this.

Just be aware that the end of the rainbow is sometimes a little bit further than you first believed when these guys were promising you the world.

Be positive but also be realistic. If you have what it takes join the top notch models with companies like Elite or Ford then shoot for the stars! Are modeling schools the answer for you? You’ll have to answer that question but either way, I sincerely hope you make it in entertainment!

Till next time,

Bob Pardue

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