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I know how difficult it is to come up with a good set of poses for your modeling shoot. So, I thought Id share this video to help you with your posing challenges.

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Once you’ve watched the posing video, take a look at my post below to get more information about model poses and photo sessions. I hope it helps you to look fantastic in your modelling pictures!

How To Model Pose Like a Professional – 6 Tips to Learning Good Poses for Modeling

modeling poses for girls

Truth is, most female models need to be taught proper posing techniques.

Learning how to model pose is not that difficult but it does take time and practice. You’ll find some great tips for posing for photographers in this quick tutorial.

As an aspiring young model, you’ve probably heard many times that no matter how you pose or what facial expressions you give, your photographs will turn out naturally beautiful.

But, remember there is one thing you need to always keep in mind. No matter how gorgeous you are, without the right modeling poses, your pictures will never be perfect.

Even though, there are a few female models who have the instinctive competence in posing for photographers spontaneously in front of a camera, most have to be taught proper techniques.

This is where a good professional photographer comes into the picture. They will give you many invaluable tips on how to model pose. Some of these may be as follows:

1. Model Posing Breathing Technique

Keep in mind how relaxed you look when you breathe naturally, so never hold your breath while the strobe lights are flashing.

2. Correct Posture Is A Must For Good Model Poses

When model posing, always keep your shoulders up and your back straight. Remember to flex your stomach muscles so your abdomen will appear more toned in your picture portfolio.

Bad posture is an imperfection many of us have, but it is a pitfall for models.

3. Bend Those Body Parts When You Model Pose

The placement of your arms and legs can either add to a photo or take away. So always make sure one arm or leg is bent, while the other one is straight during your performance in front of the camera.

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4. Model Poses For Sitting

Model posing while sitting is very important and sometimes requires a lot of work. But, it will be worth it once you get that slimming effect by putting your weight on the back of one thigh.

It doesn’t always feel natural during improvisation so, if you are uncomfortable, your pose still could look “right” for the viewer.

5. Use Different Facial Expressions For Modeling

It’s great to have a beautiful smile, but just don’t show those beautiful white teeth in every photo.

Add variety and excitement to your model photography shoot by creating different facial expressions such as a scowl, frown and maybe even a little laugh.

Pretend you are on stage at the theater and have fun with your movements.

If you are doing a session wearing a bathing suit along side other women posing in swimsuits, act as if you are having a great time at the beach. Your eyes will show it!

6. Great Posers Sometimes Look Away From the Camera

poses for girls

“The placement of your arms and legs can either add to a photo or take away. So always make sure one arm or leg is bent..”

Don’t always look directly into the camera lens unless the project or portfolio photographer tells you to.

You will be amazed at the great variety of model poses and the look you’ll gain by looking to the side or tilting your head a bit.

Now when your photographer asks you what ideas do you have for a photo shoot, you’ll know what he or she is talking about.

You can surprise him or her with all the knowledge you have gained from these model pose tips.

Okay, get in front of the camera and show your stuff!

Now that you’ve learned some basics of the model pose…

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