Modeling Pose Wearing Pants – How to Pose in Pants

Today, let’s look at a quick and easy lesson on how to do a modeling pose wearing pants. If you plan to work in any catalog jobs, you really need to learn how to do poses that show off the outfit.

Watch the posing video carefully and see how many posing positions you can invent that shows the pants in the best way.

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Getting Started with Pants Posing

It’s time for that photo shoot and you have to pose wearing pants – what to do? Well, first of all you can watch this little instructional video for some cool posing techniques beginner female models can easily understand – and perform.

Or, you can get a posing guide to help with getting started. Either way, your talent will shine when you know how to pose correctly.

How to Pose Wearing Pants

When you begin to get jobs as a model, you’ll find yourself in many different posing situations – you might be one of those women modeling swimsuits or you could be posing in pants for either a commercial or fashion studio session.

No matter what the scenario, you’ll be expected to know how to perform these fashion poses, and you will once you study these basic tips.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing regular pants, jeans, slacks or even shorts if you follow the system completely and practice what you learn.

Learning How to Pose in Pants – or Anything Else

Just as with anything else in life, posing is a process. It takes imagination and ingenuity. You’ll find that some posing ideas work and some don’t for your particular model look. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep the very best poses and throw out the others.

You’ll find that posing will come more and more natural to you the more you practice. New ideas will come more freely too!

Model photo by BobPardue.Com

Experience in Posing?

There is just no substitute for experience in modeling. Every famous model went through this process at one time or another.

They succeeded because of their look and willingness to perfect their craft. You should too!

This is always the key and I’ll never stop saying it. There is always going to be some work involved.

]Not sure where, but I heard a saying the other day that went something like; “if someone tells you that you can achieve success without work – work is what you’ll be without.”

Confusing? Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember it word for word! Make your modeling poses fun and natural. This is the secret sauce to beautiful pictures. – Bob

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