Modeling Portfolio Tips

How to Make a Modeling Portfolio – Watch the Video and Learn

Need Help? See These Quick Modeling Portfolio Tips

If you are planning a career as a model, sometime down the road you are going to have to learn how to make a portfolio of pictures.

This way you can promote your talents to agents and other interested parties.

Modeling Portfolio Tips

Modeling Portfolio Tips

Photos are Your First Impression in Modeling – Do Your Model Portfolio Right!

To start a career, making model portfolios is one of the single most determining thing that a person must do when first entering the field.

So, all of you young people out there who are looking to get started modeling, you need to think hard on getting positive pictures first.

Your pictures are your first influence

Modeling portfolios are more important than just about anything else at this stage of the game.

Your photo is the first thing, and sometimes the only thing, a possible agency representative will see of your work before either hiring you or passing over you.

This video will give you some ideas of what goes in it and what does not.

Scroll up and watch it now to get some great tips for your photo shoot!

What is a model portfolio?

To simplify; modeling portfolios are a collection of pictures showing your work as a model.

These can be in a book, either 8×10 / 9×11 prints, images in digital format on DVD, or on your Internet site.

How many photos in a modeling portfolio?

Well, the girl in the video above mentions a gazillion or something like that. In reality, you can start with anywhere between 8 and 20 pictures.

Contrary to common belief, talent agents do not judge portfolios by the quantity – they look at the quality and how well you portray yourself in the photographs.

Show Only your best

I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. It is better to have 10 AWESOME pictures¬† than to have a hundred mediocre ones.

Only show your best when you go for an interview. Don’t make the agency director sort through a bunch of “bad” images. This will not help your career.

Shooting on Location

Although some of your shots can be done in a photographer’s studio, try to do some outdoors and on location like mountains or the beach.

Get some candid or natural shots for variety.


Just as location, vary your posing, expressions and even hairstyle to show the modeling agency what you can do.

Learn technique by looking through magazines and other media – even watch TV with the sound off and you’ll get ideas for poses. The main point is to be creative!

So, are you ready? Write down your ideas and then go to a great photographer to help with your photos.

Not only will you have fun but you’ll learn to make killer modeling portfolios that you will be proud to show even the toughest agent!

Final Thought about Portfolios

Remember the main tips here. Less is More. Show your best work always and discard the ones that don’t “pop” to impress those people who count.

Good luck in your career and I hope to see you back here soon! – Bob Pardue

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