Modeling Portfolio Samples

Stuck for Which Pictures to Send? A Quick Look at Modeling Portfolio Samples

The video below covers some basic modeling portfolio samples and how to put it together.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you understand that model portfolios play an important role in your presentations.

And, new female models constantly asked me; “What pictures do I put in a model portfolio?

So, I thought I’d address it here.

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modeling portfolio samples

You Model Type Determines Your Modeling Portfolio – Sample Your Best Shots!

There are many types of models. And, I can’t cover every single one here but I will provide a few portfolio samples of model photos you simply must have in your book – or on your submission cd.

So, without so much talk, here are some examples of modeling portfolios for you to view giving you a general idea to get ready before your model photo shoot. Watch the video first …

1. How Do I Take Modeling Headshots?

I’ve seen many young or beginner models take snapshots and the face cannot be seen. A big NO-NO.

How can a model agency representative judge what you look like if he or she can’t see your face?

Hiring good professional photographers for a photo portfolio who have experience in these type pictures can get this done for you at a minimum charge.

So, I would suggest you use them for at least your staple model portfolio example pictures.

What kinds of modeling pictures do agents want?

Many agencies like to see at least one photo with little or no makeup. This one needs to be shot head on and outdoors in natural light if possible. Of course studio lighting is normally acceptable too.

A model portfolio photographer can create this photo and enhance the lighting for maximum effect on this picture.

Remember, this kind of photo is important for any type modeling but is essential for those wanting to become beauty or fashion models – or getting into glamor.

2. Should I Also Get Commercial Type Pictures for My Portfolio?

The commercial modeling photo is optional, but it looks nice – especially if you are considering a commercial modeling career and these are easy to do.

Just get a business suit or maybe some glasses to give you a totally different look.

Remember to stay with your niche. A person’s modeling portfolios will differ from those submitted to apply for promotional modeling jobs – there is a big difference between the two!

And, a commercial print shot doesn’t always have to be taken with a serious look – fun shots for commercial modeling work too!

Don’t Snub Your Nose at Commercial Modeling

Commercial modeling jobs are becoming extremely popular. This is especially true for beginners because IMG model management company and others offering runway work are overcrowded with applicants.

So, applying for commercial model work is a good way to get your foot in the door of the entertainment business.

3. What are Full Body Pictures? Do I Need Them in My Model Portfolio?

modeling portfolio samples

modeling portfolio samples

Next, you’ll definitely need full body shots (at least one or two).

Full body model photos mostly means full length (showing the model from head to toe) to show the model agency your figure.

These pics can be created either in a swimsuit  (not too revealing) or tight fitting clothes.

This gives model agents an idea of your body type in case they need to use you in clothing, commercial or promotional situations.

And, doing a variety of poses gives you an edge to show them you can pose like a professional.

How Many Photos Do I Need in a Model Portfolio?

This is the second question. The number of pictures in your photo portfolio depends upon several factors. And, some experts disagree on the numbers.

Some say you should have tons and tons of pictures. And yes, when you do it looks like you’ve been working.

But, consider the model agents time – can they really stop their busy schedules to look at countless numbers of photos? They tire quickly going through an almost endless display of portfolio photographs.

My Humble Opinion about Model Portfolios – Sample Your Best Work

Yes, I have one. I believe that a good, solid book (or cd) with somewhere between 8 and 20 images should do just fine.

And not just any pictures. Make sure every one is the very best of the crop you have!

Don’t make the agency representative scroll through ten mediocre pictures to get to those two good ones.

Keep the Best Modeling Portfolio Samples – Throw Out the Rest!

If you only have 4 excellent pictures in which you look like a remarkable model; then 4 is the number for your modeling portfolio samples to turn in.

Remember, you can always add photos as you gain experience. Keep replacing older images with fresh, and better ones. Before you know it, you’ll have a killer professional modeling portfolio no one else can touch!

Your Best Modeling Portfolio Samples – Isn’t that what you want the agent to see during your interview?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this is only a small section giving model portfolio examples of pictures. And, you can use your imagination to create variations of each of the ones listed above.

But, at least you’ve got your thoughts running in the right direction. Have a great photo shoot!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this section of modeling portfolio samples helps you to get the pictures you need for your book.

Don’t have a professional portfolio yet? Check out some photography websites for an awesome model portfolio  photographer in your area.

Do some research to make sure he or she is legit. Then, set up a photo shoot. Oh, and be sure to have fun while creating!

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