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Modeling Pictures – Preparing Your Modeling Portfolio for Agencies

Getting your modeling pictures in front of talent agencies is one of the most important steps to take for your career.

Here is a quick run through of what a professional photo shoot should contain. Read the tips and get started posing.

Are you a woman who wants to learn how to become a model or who interested in a career in modeling but has not quite gotten started yet?

Modeling Pictures - Preparing Your Model Portfolio

Modeling Pictures

Put Together a Portfolio of Modeling Photos for Effect!

Any woman who wants to break into the business will need to compile a good portfolio of modeling photos, but most people do not know how to go about preparing for those photos.

Your ability for creating portfolios is absolutely essential in your future career, so it is important that you do all of the preparation for your model photo shoot the correct way.

Finding Your Model Photographer

One thing that you will need to do if you are preparing for your first model photo shoot is to find a good photographer.

This does not necessarily have to be a professional ( although highly recommended ), but it is always good to have a seasoned amateur who is at least quite familiar with the way digital cameras work.

And he or she should know how to get high quality images, even if they themselves are also an amateur at this.

How Many Modeling Pictures in My Portfolio?

Your photo session should be one where you take a wide range of images.

Make sure you include one good close-up of your face along with one full length in tight fitting clothing or a swimsuit to show off your figure.

You need to have at least one image in perhaps three to five different locations.

While you will only be looking to get one great image out of each location (each location will also mean a different hair and makeup change and a different wardrobe as well) you will likely need to have as many as 20 or 30 shots to get your one or two good photographs.

I’m talking about a “WoW” picture, perhaps more depending on the situation, in each individual location.

The idea here is that one or two of those shots will really stand out to you and to the photographer later on when you are reviewing them for inclusion in your portfolio.

Lighting for Your Model Photo Shoot

Very important! Make quite sure that your model photo shoot is properly lighted, Photos that are too dark or fuzzy will not work for your portfolio.

Agencies and potential clients will want to see clear, realistic representations of you in a portfolio and comp card.) .

Preferably, your photos should be done in natural light outdoors with no flash used on the camera. Many modeling agencies look for this type photograph.

Should You Wear Lots of Makeup?

It sometimes surprises young female models starting out in the business, especially teenagers, that a lot of makeup is not needed for these photos.

The people who will be viewing your photo want to see the “real you” in a natural state since it helps them to see your versatility:

Your face can be a blank canvas for them, so make sure to have at least one head shot photo with just a little or even no makeup.

Get Your Poses Together

Now that you have learned a basic idea of what your model photo shoot consists of, practice and put together some good posing techniques.

Also, take a look at your ability to smile, look serious, sad, depresses, powerful, etc. in the mirror.

Rehearse body motions and language and your modeling pictures will look much more professional.

Be sure to make lots of copies to hand out to modeling agencies before you go to open calls or interviews. Last? Do it today! – Bob Pardue


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