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Those beauty makeup artists ( MUA ) – They really know what they are doing, don’t they? Here are some helpful modeling makeup tips to get you started off right before your next photo shoot.

Have you ever wondered how these ladies and guys can take a beautiful, yet ordinary girl and turn her into a sexy, amazing looking model who looks as if she just stepped out of a Fifth Avenue modeling agency in NYC?

Modeling Makeup Tips – Not All Models Know How to Apply Makeup for Beauty

Use These Modeling Makeup Beauty Tips for a More Beautiful You

Now, with these simple beauty tips, you can get this look for your next photo session. You provide the model pose and let the beauty makeup take care of your skin and look.

Model Makeup Tip Q&A – Does a model makeup artist use magic?

When these people go to work with their little cosmetics kit, the model’s skin is virtually flawless. And it shows no pock marks or pimples. She possesses that mat finish which produce photographs you can’t stop gazing at.

Her lips show a perfect hint of a pout to excite all your senses. And, she has eyes to die for. Without a doubt, they shine bright and full of life. She produces a stare that makes you shutter.

Tricks of the Model Makeup Trade

If you do your research, you’ll discover that the MUA is not a magician – not at all. No, she just has a few tricks to applying modeling makeup that you and I simple do not know, yet. And, these effects seem fairly easy once you know how and why.

Modeling Makeup Tips for Perfect Skin

Use a skin lotion containing SPF for your first step. Simply place it onto your skin by rubbing gently and let it soak in for a few minutes.

Add foundation. Secondly, an important beauty tip secret is to use your fingers and not a brush when adding your makeup foundation for a smooth look. Now, use the brush for applying concealer to blend it in. This helps to hide skin blemishes.

My Favorite Modeling Makeup Tip? Powder!

Those female models (and males too) who have worked with me know that I am a fanatic when it comes to using powder. So, don’t come into my studio without it! I won’t shoot your picture. d:-)

But seriously, powder is the most important ingredient in doing make up for photo shoots. This is especially true if you work under studio strobe lights. Powder cuts down reflective shine on your face. And, it helps produce an excellent mat finish to your photos.

Make sure when you use face powder, it’s a neutral color, and not colored. Lastly, spray a bit of water to cause your makeup to look more natural and you don’t notice the powder as much.

Of course, even the best makeup can be further enhanced with the right type of lighting and angle. If you plan to have your portfolio photos taken at home, you can set up light sources according  to your photographer’s advice. You might not have the budget for a studio while you’re starting out but you can make sure your photos truly stand out.

One More Makeup Powder Trick

Skin color is important. How do you get a lighter and tighter face? Well, it’s as simple as putting some matte powder (a bit darker than your natural skin tone) right underneath your cheeks and blend in.

Take a smaller blush higher up and dust on a small amount of highlighter all over your nose. Include your brow bone and your cheekbones. This creates a stronger looking jaw. And, your neck appears to be tighter using this procedure.

Modeling Makeup Tips for Big, bright, beautiful eyes!

Want them to fall in love with your eyes? Well, it’s not too difficult. These modeling makeup tips cover the most important part of your beauty photo shoot – the eyes.

First, use some reflective type of concealer on the very top of your nose moving in close to the inside part of your eye. This helps to hide those dark areas. And, if you use a silver eyeliner, your eyes will look brighter right away.

You can also use the metallic looking flakes to reflect light and put more light into your eyes. Apply a more transparent, shiny eye shadow to use near the inner corner of each eye and around the brow bone if the silver liner is too bold for your taste.

How to Get Eyelashes to Die For

Finally, touch up your eyes with some black mascara. And, curl your eyelashes for the finishing touch. Your eyes will look more open, as large as life, and brighter than you could ever imagine.

As a photographer, I know that a modeling photo is a complete flop if a girl’s eyes don’t draw you in to the picture. These modeling makeup tips can help make it happen. Oh, be sure to choose a fantastic photographer too!

If you really want to become a beauty model make sure you know this little blueprint for getting your look the best it can be. Are you pretty enough to model and make it in the industry? I don’t know. But, your pictures will tell a part of the story.

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