Taking the plunge, that’s what they call it. There are opportunities for modeling in Georgia if you know where and how to find them.

Teen model smiling by Bob Pardue

Teenagers in Atlanta, Savannah and other cities and towns are waiting to find if they’ve got the look for a career as a commercial or fashion model.

If you are a beginner model don’t give up easily. Take all the steps to become a model in GA.

Modeling Careers in Georgia – Tips For Getting Started

While the first thing that many people think of when they consider a career as a GA model is their good looks, there are many other things that go into becoming a professional model.

From posture, to style, and body type, there are many requirements that must be taken into account when looking at getting started with professional modeling agencies in Georgia.

Whether your are a male or female teenager, you will find that there are a few tips you will want to follow to increase your likelihood of breaking into the business to start your modeling career.

It’s not all glitz and glamour but it can be fun

Although it may appear that modeling in Georgia is a glamorous career, it is actually very hard work that requires a lot of dedication.

If you are seriously wanting to take the step to get started as a model, you will want to find a good modeling agency.

If you are a teen who does not have a lot of experience, you will want to learn correct modeling poses before going to an agency open call. The best way to learn posing is to extenuate the features that are your best.

By taking a good look at your image, you will be able to locate these features and make them stand out within the poses you choose.

Your modeling pictures, make them count

Getting a portfolio of pictures together is sometimes necessary to exhibit your ability to pose and your sense of style. Hiring a professional model portfolio photographer that has experience in taking modeling photos is the easiest way to create the best portfolio possible.

Doing some research online will allow you to locate the professional photographers in your area that have experience in the industry.

Each Georgia talent agency will have a specific set of portfolio requirements, so be sure to obtain as many pictures of different poses and high fashion styling using as many outfits as possible.

Find a model agency in GA

Locating an agency to start modeling in Georgia requires a lot of research to ensure that the one you choose to represent you is reputable.

The largest markets will be in cities such as Atlanta, Savannah and other metropolitan areas but you will also find Georgia modeling agencies in some of the smaller towns. Look through directories for GA to start, talk to other working models and find who represents them, etc.

Look out for modeling scams

Be sure to find out how the modeling agency is making their money. Those that are the better choices will not charge any large upfront fees to sign you because they will receive commissions when they find work for you within the industry. Once you are completely informed about the particular agencies you are looking towards, you will be able to make a better choice in your selection.

Keep Your Confidence High – Learn to Hear the word “NO” and Keep Going

Once all of the work is done to get your image out into the modeling industry, you may still hear a lot of rejection. As long as you remain true to yourself and put forth the effort, modeling in Georgia can become a rewarding career choice.

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