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Are you worried you don’t have enough money to get your model portfolio together? Don’t have a professional model photographer on “retainer”?

Don’t worry. There are other solutions that won’t cost you a dime!

So, take a look at these tips for modeling headshots at home to get you inspired to take some action on your model career.

Modeling Headshots at Home

Modeling Headshots at Home

Watch the video — then get going!

How to Create Good Modeling Headshots at Home – Why Pro Modeling Headshots are Not That Important

You’ll find that many model agencies understand the situation new female models face when it comes to modeling portfolios.

They are  usually content with head shots that are not completely professional as long as they show your face in good light with the hair out of your eyes.

The Modeling Headshot Tips Video

This video goes through some of the ups and downs of creating good modeling head shots at home.

And, I believe you’ll be better off going to open calls with some decent pictures rather than hiring a professional photographer to create an elaborate portfolio of pictures.

Then, you may not contact any agents at all.

You have to decide if you are going to “play” being a model or if you really want to learn how to become a model – and, do all the work necessary to get started with a real career.

Model Headshots Don’t Guarantee Success!

The choices are many but please, if you don’t learn anything else here, at least know that a complete modeling portfolio or professional headshots are not needed to make a start in this business.

I’ve seen plenty of girls and guys do very well starting off with good snapshots and contacting as many modeling management companies as it took before they got a break.

The main theme in modeling is always to be consistent in letting these people know who you are, and what you can do for them.

They are looking for models; not just pictures so your impression matters more at an open call than how your photos look.

What about the “BIG” Modeling Agencies? Headshots?

No again. The larger management companies like IMG Models, Next, and Elite Model Management do NOT require professional portfolios or modeling head shots.

The same rules stated above apply to these industry giants as well. Good news, huh?

I’m not discounting pro portfolios. I’m just saying you don’t absolutely have to have one. I hope you lots of success in your career as a model. Enjoy! – Bob Pardue

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