Applying to Modeling Companies

How do you make it as a model in today’s world? Today, you’re going to learn some quick tips for finding modeling companies and putting them to work for you.

Patience my dear! Regardless of what you see on TV reality shows, it normally takes time, patience and determination to get started in this career. And yes, modeling is a career choice.

How Modeling Companies Can Help Your Career – Want to be America’s Next Top Model?

6 Quick Tips for Locating and Applying to Female Modeling Companies (Agents)

This quick lesson is about how to find and apply to female modeling agencies so pay close  attention! d:-)

You might become a fashion or runway sensation. Or you might get work in commercial or promotional modeling jobs, or some other field within the modeling network.

The toughest thing for a woman or teenage girl to do is getting started as a model.

Modeling is similar to a locomotive. A train is very hard to get going but very difficult to stop. Your modeling career is the same.

Modeling Companies

Modeling Companies

This is why it is crucial to follow some rules before calling model agents or putting your pictures online.

ONE => Examine Yourself in the Mirror

Do you have the look of top list female models such as Cindy Crawford or Joan Smalls?

Are you tall, plus size, petite? Ask all these questions and answer honestly before contacting an agent. Better to be realistic than to be embarrassed during a female model agency interview, right?

TWO => Find Your Best Fit as a Model

The next step if you want to study how to get into modeling is to think about contacting female modeling agencies that fit your profile.

You need to find the very best agent available to stack the deck in your favor. Here is some advice for what you need to get started in this profession.

THREE => Photographs or a Modeling Portfolio of Pictures

Now, there are lots of different opinions about this step. Personally, I still am an avid believer in getting images done by a professional model photographer. Find one who is experienced in working with female or teenage models.

Find a model photographer who knows lighting variances and photography angles. This will play a giant part in how your portfolio looks.

I say this because the high fashion industry at this time, is still in love with slimmer females. How you come across in your modeling pictures is essential to starting a career.

Since model photography services can be expensive, practice your posing, body language and facial expressions before hiring your photographer. Get the most out of your photo session. Submit only your best pics to the modeling companies.

I cover more about this and other modeling tips in my newsletter. You can get it along with a free gift here.

FOUR => Posture Needs to be Excellent for Modeling Companies

To become a female runway model or work in the high fashion magazine industry, you must tweak your ability to walk the runway.

Yes, you should develop your own modeling style but don’t veer too far away from the standards you see in the fashion shows.

And, you can learn the catwalk walk with a little practice. If you don’t know where to begin, find a working model or someone who knows to teach you.

FIVE => Know the Physical Requirements for Modeling Agencies

Do some checking online or through friends who are models to find out what female modeling agencies are looking for in new recruits. Here are a few physical traits you might need to have to apply …

A Certain Look – I can’t put an exact on this because the “look” changes from time to time.

The agent might need a face that is pleasant or one that is rock stern – Ask and look at their pictures to find out.

A Slim or Thin Body Type – If you plan to do high fashion or catwalk you’ll need a body type similar to those you see in Vogue or the female models listed with IMG or Major Models.

If you feel you can fit these measurements then read on. If not, promotional, glamour or commercial work might be another option to consider.

Be Tall – 5′ 8″ to 5′ 11″ is the current height requirement for the above types for girls and young women.

Learn to Walk the Catwalk – Learning to walk the runway is essential if you plan to seek a career in high fashion,

These female modeling companies will train you in many instances. But, you need a good walk before the interview to get ahead of the pack. Believe me, there are plenty of applicants to compete with!

Ethnic Considerations – Some female modeling agencies are looking for certain girls who are specifically African American, Asian, Native American or Caucasian. But, sometimes these “niche” agents can get you a good bit of work if you qualify.

Age – There are opportunities for teenage girls from 13 years to 19 years old and, for women who are a bit older although the older woman is more likely to find success in the glamour and commercial modeling areas. Again, find where you fit in and go for it!

SIX => Your Self Image – Modeling Companies Look for Confidence

No matter if you are a grown woman or a teenage female model hopeful you need to keep your self esteem high.

A good, positive attitude will go a long way in coaxing an open call director to swing a vote your way; all other things being equal.

Make sure the model agent knows you are easy to work with and are willing to do what it takes to become a model represented by their agency. You won’t get a second chance to make this impression so get it right the first time.

Where to Locate Model Management Companies

It’s no secret that successful models use modeling agencies to book work for them.

Most models are well aware that New York City is probably the number one market in the world for modeling although Milan and Paris might beg to differ.

After NYC female model agents comes Los Angeles, Chicago or you can go way south to Miami Florida. These are home to the top list female modeling agencies like Ford, IMG, Elite and Wilhelmina Models.

These model agents handle the very best in the world and so you need to make sure you are “top model” material when you apply.

Females come from all corners of the USA and even other countries to compete for those coveted high paying modeling jobs.

To Model Locally

Did you know there might be a female model agency right under your nose? These are the agents located in the minor markets listed by locale.

You can do a quick walk through the local Yellow Pages under the heading “Model Agency” or “Modeling Agencies” or some variation to find a talent representative near you. Larger cities will give you the best selection so be sure to look outside your hometown.

Legit Model Companies

Try your local or the national Better Business Bureau to find more information and to make sure the agency is legit. Some might surprise you.

Most of them will not be listed here because the BBB, by its nature, mostly posts agencies who have given problems to clients or models in the past.

Also, get help if needed before signing talent management contracts so you don’t get taken.

Call Modeling Companies After 5 PM

Instead of calling the female modeling agencies during “normal” business hrs. which, in most places, is about 9 to 5, call during off hours – Many of the “real” companies will be there or have an answering service.

How to Really Get Started with Modeling Companies

It’s time to act! Learning what it takes to become a real model and how to look or walk the runway is just preparation.

Once you feel comfortable with these aspects, it’s time to find a good photographer, get some head shots and a couple of good full body photos (preferably outdoor with no flash wearing little or no makeup at all) and start making contacts. The modeling companies are waiting for your call!

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Although you’ve heard these stories, the modeling companies are not going to discover you while you are shopping at the mall. Be realistic and put together what you need to make a serious effort at becoming a model. A girl or young woman who has a plan is more likely to reach her goal of a solid career in modeling. Do it Now!

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