How Tall do I Have to be to Model? – Modeling Body Types

These are lots of simple ways to tell if you have the physical characteristics and the modeling body types needed to become a female model so thought I’d share this with you.

Welcome to this modeling lesson. Some of these tips may seem silly and irrelevant when you first hear them but believe me, you NEED TO KNOW THIS!

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Are You Physically Fit for a Modeling Career?

Virtual physical exam for Newcomers

Getting started can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. One of the first steps to take is to see if you meet the physical requirements for the type entertainment jobs you want to get involved in.

The article and video is meant to answer the question; “How tall do models have to be?” among others in the industry.


If you plan to work in this network, especially to become a bit of a celebrity in high fashion or runway for Elite or one of the other “big” guys – before you go to a single audition you need the following physical attributes …

a) You need to be at least 5’8″ tall or taller ( Especially for runway )
b) Your body weight and proportions need to flatter your height
c) You need to have a good skin complexion without lots of pimples or blemishes
d) Your hair should be in good shape (no excessive split-ends or over-dying damage)
e) Your teeth should be well taken care of, straight and white (a dynamite smile)

She Has the Look – Do You?

Look closely in the mirror and be honest with yourself. We all have limitations.

Some of these things listed above you can work to improve and some (like height) you were born with.

Even if you don’t have all the attributes you see in the pretty magazine or billboard pictures, don’t give up hope just yet.

There are other opportunities awaiting you as you’ll discover below.

Listed are some of the different body types of models (Click to see requirements) ….

  • Beauty & Glamour
  • Commercial
  • High Fashion
  • Plus and Petite
  • Runway
  • Teen and Child Models
  • Promotional

Although I am the first to admit that there are exceptions to every rule, below you’ll find some of the attributes you need to have (or can learn) to become a model. As in any industry, there is usually a fine line between success and failure.

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You’ll find this website very informative, not only about modeling body types but just about everything else you’ve always wanted to know about the industry. I think you can learn to model with these tips and advice. But remember, nothing works unless you do!!

Success to you! – Bob

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