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If you are a new female model and are hoping to hit it big time in New York City, there are some things you should know.

This lesson teaches you to use your wits in finding modeling agencies in New York and getting jobs in this fascinating industry.

Let’s see what we can do to make your experience with these model management companies more successful.

Why Modeling Agencies in New York City?

Obviously, NYC can be an overwhelming place, and as the center for commerce, there are a large number of small, medium and big management agencies that are clamoring to represent you in your endeavor.

Getting Your Portfolio Into a New York Modeling Agent’s Hands – Advance to the Next Level

Now that the world of modeling is more open to women and teens of all shapes and sizes, the talent pool seems rather shallow and NY model agents are seeking some less than perfect female models all the time.

This can be a unique opportunity for you if you are too short for runway or high fashion. The commercial and catalog fields are catering to plus-size and petite along with the girl next door look if you are attractive and have an outgoing personality.

Submission of Model Photos

Those who are seeking modeling agencies in NYC need to remember that the agents often are swamped with photos, resumes and portfolios from all over the country and world on a daily basis. Simply walking into one agency may work but will get you tossed back onto the street in the next.

Make a Modeling Plan and Work It

There should be a method to the madness in finding the right talent agent to help get your career to the next level.

Start by looking for advertisements for department stores; billboards; brochures; etc. that express the style you represent and find out who the modeling agencies in New York are who the photo client used for these ads.

Begin to put a top list together of NY model agencies that cater to your style. This is called reverse engineering and works great for many female models when getting started.

Making Contact with the NY Model Agents

Once you have created a list of valid NY model management companies who represent models like you, start contacting them to find out the best way to get information into an agent’s hands.

Follow Instructions!

In some cases, these agency representatives look down on those who arrive without an appointment. If this is the case, simply ask if you can drop off your portfolio with the receptionist.

The agent will many times ask the receptionist their impression of you, so remember to be in model mode with full confidence as you present your picture portfolio. This is your one chance so practice how you will act before going to make your first contact.

Do You Have The “Look” for Modeling in New York?

For the modeling agencies in New York that advertise hiring models, you will find that they are often looking for those with particular looks and talents.

Keep in mind that some of the very top management companies in NYC such as Ford, Elite or IMG will want tall models (5’8″ and up) with perfect features.

You might fit this bill but there is a possibility you’ll have to lower your aim a bit to get accepted.

What’s Your Modeling Style?

Look for an open call that matches your style, find out what you need to do, including any pictures they might require, and head to it.

The more experience you can get, the more opportunities will open for you. As you build your career, you will go from seeking an agent to being sought by them.

Yes, the competition is sometimes unbearable for those females and teenagers submitting to modeling agencies in New York but a career is possible for those who persist. What are you planning to do today?

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