Modeling Agencies in New York – Who Are the Very Best Modeling Agencies in NY?

This is a common question and is always subjective. However, I did some research on some New York modeling agencieswell-known blogs to get their take on the best modeling agencies in New York so you could find them in one place.

Let’s see who was selected and who wasn’t. At the end I’ll give my take on the top New York modeling agencies. Then, it’s up to you to pick your favorite.

10 Best Modeling Agencies in New York from Celeb Cartel

Who did Celeb Cartel pick? Well, according to this article they had lots to say about the NY agents & management companies. Here are some:

“Household names like Brooke Shields, Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum, and new supermodels like Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls have a secret weapon: their modeling agencies.

Firms like Elite, Ford, IMG, DNA and more not only manage these global talents, they often discover them. Kate Moss was famously scouted as a teenager in the airport.

Coco Rocha was found at an Irish dance competition, of all places.”  read more ..

The top 3 choices from this blog were:

  1. Elite Model Management
  2. IMG
  3. and DNA Models

This is no big secret although there are others who could easily be added to the mix.

The Modeling Mentor Take on the Best New York Modeling Agencies

Best New York modeling agenciesWriter Jill Johnson from Modeling Mentor gives her advice on the best New York modeling agencies. She is very basic when she says:

“Almost anyone can build a website with the bells and whistles and photogenic faces that make an agency look like it’s on the up and up.

If you’re thinking of submitting photos or attending open calls in New York, here’s where you should start:” read more ..

Jill’s picks for the top 3 list management companies are:

  1. Click
  2. DNA
  3. Elite

What about the Top NY Agents for Children?

Well, there’s news here too! Child Modeling Agencies .Net gives a quick list and tells why New York City is THE place to start for kids. They write:

“There are a few agencies in other cities in the state, but to be honest most of the child modeling agencies in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse aren’t particularly reputable and you’re better off visiting NYC.” read more ..

This modeling site list the top 3 out of five as:

  1. Wilhelmina Kids NYC
  2. Ford NYC
  3. and Future Faces NYC

My Pick for the Best Modeling Agencies in New York?

I promised I’d give my two cents worth so here goes. I know you can become famous with most on the top 10 list but I’ve always been partial to Ford Models and Elite. IMG still runs a very close second in my book.

No matter who you choose (or who chooses you) you really can’t go wrong with any modeling agencies in New York listed in this article. I hope you enjoyed it. You can find New York modeling agencies here and I look forward to your comments. See you soon! – Bob Pardue



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