Get Started with Modeling Agencies

When You Discover Why You Need an Agent, Are You Ready to Get Started with Modeling Agencies? Try This! Learn how to contact model agents and get noticed…

After watching this quick video, start contacting model companies in your area. And, keep a lookout for scams. And most importantly, learn all the tips you can from Trudi Tapscott.

get started with modeling agencies

get started with modeling agencies

So, listen as Trudi talks about how to get started with modeling agenciesbefore you go to a single interview or open call.

Successful Models Use Modeling Agencies – Discover How You Can Get Started with Modeling Agencies

From the beginning, I’ve suggested you listen to and watch popular modeling videos to learn more about modeling agencies.

So, take these modeling tips by Trudi Tapscott to heart then act!

Modeling Gigs for Beginners are Alive & Kicking – How to Get Started With Modeling Agencies

What’s the Purpose of Modeling Agencies Anyhow?

Basically, modeling agencies include the people who represent models in the business. So, they…

  • talk to clients
  • set up photo shoots
  • collect payment
  • and pay the model.

There’s a little more to it but those are the basics. Do you need a modeling agent? Yes, most models do!

Model Agent Trudi Tapscott Talks

“Hi. My name is Trudi Tapscott.

I worked as a modeling agent in New York for many years. And, I believe the New York modeling agencies are very specific about whose going to work in NYC.

New York is really the starting point for long-term modeling careers. Everyone looks for longevity because they’re investing a lot of time and money in you. These model agents can help you get started.

No one wants to bring a person along if they only plan to model for a year. No, that’s not what they want because learning how to become a model takes a little bit of time.”


Best Shot at Making It? Learn How to Get In with NY Model Agents

Getting the attention of these New York talent agents for beginners is not that difficult. But, you must have exactly what they are looking for.

There’s the answer in a nutshell. If you have what they (the agents) want, then you’ve got their attention. After that, it really becomes easy. Sometimes, modeling potential isn’t so obvious.

In many cases, reps from modeling agencies NY might not have time to really see all the possibilities of hiring you. And, they don’t know your potential. And yes, this is especially true if you apply to top management companies like Ford or Elite.

Do You Have the Body, Skin and Hair to Become a Model?

Maybe you need to a lose a little weight. Or, you might have to gain a little weight.

It’s possible you don’t have great skin Or, it could be your hair is wrong. You can find tons of reasons why you’re picked for modeling – or not.

When you’re young, the baby fat in your face makes you photograph in a certain way.

You’ll find so many elements that go into modeling. Sometimes, it’s just somebody at the agency had a bad day. So, you got in their way.

Don’t take it personal.

Some model agencies in New York use what is known as an “open call“. This means anybody can walk in the door.

It’s Not You – It’s Me

People are human. They could be in a hurry. Or, they might be working on an huge booking for somebody important.

Your potential doesn’t shine through at that particular moment.

And, they don’t have time so they move on.

It’s like, “No thanks. We’re not interested,” whatever.

America’s Top Models – The Decision Makers Turned Them Down Too!

Truth is, you’d be shocked to learn how many top models in the industry got missed in their first time being introduced to someone!

The development period for modeling doesn’t always happen just because you go to New York. And, it doesn’t matter if you model full-time.

Sometimes, you begin at home when you learn your craft. You can always learn something when you watch fashion shows online.

Look and Learn From Other Models’ Enormous Ability

First, discover tons of information available to you by looking at modeling websites. Or, spend some time researching  the modeling agency websites.

Yes, most of them use interactive sites which makes them approachable to new faces. When you look at these agencies…

Ask these three questions:

  • Which pictures do they pick for the models?
  • What’s included in their portfolios?
  • What does write about models?

Look for valid people in the news industry who actually interview legit modeling agencies. This way, you can tell if an agent is for real.

Increase Your Chances – Do Your Modeling Homework!

To become a model, do a little more homework. And, maybe you need to work a little bit harder at it to succeed.

So, get smart, do some research. Then take a look at those pictures in the mags and see what those “other” models have.

Modeling becomes an obsessive adventure in a way. Ultimately, it could lead you to another kind of position in the fashion industry.

Just about everybody grows up and they think, “Oh, I’m perfect for a modeling agency.

But, read on to see if you are “all that.

Instant Acclaim Doesn’t Happen Just Because You Are Tall

You’re tall. Everybody says, “Oh, you’re so tall, you should be a model.

If height was the only requirement New York or Los Angeles agents looked for, then you’d see a lot more models on the runway. So, being tall is not the only thing the agents consider.

Legendary Modeling is Not for Everyone

The entertainment industry itself is big. And, plenty of beautiful people tried modeling. Then, they changed their minds.

They started out as a model, and they didn’t like it. It didn’t fit them or their personality. And, they didn’t like being in a different place everyday.

There are many reasons why it didn’t work for them personally. So, some “models” end up becoming a stylist assistant or fashion advisor.

Or, they decided to go into cosmetology school to learn makeup. Maybe they loved clothes and studied fashion design. You can find endless opportunities to work in modeling – even if you don’t model yourself.

Is Modeling Really Your Calling?

In some ways, modeling becomes an entrance into a completely different world than what you expected. And, if fashion is a business you are interested in, modeling is a great way to start.

People continue to write unlimited information about modeling through sites and books


If you are ready to take that next step to learning how to model, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

I hope you discovered some great information from Trudi Tapscott in her simple message. She impressed me because she told the truth about the modeling industry with no fluff.

Thanks for reading. And, I want to extend a personal thank you to Trudi! – Bob Pardue

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