modeling agencies in Columbia South CarolinaReady to get started in becoming a model in South Carolina? Are you having a difficult time finding an agent near you? Take a quick look at these modeling agencies in Columbia South Carolina to find someone to represent you.

If you plan on starting a real career in modeling, you have to be serious enough to take some action.

It’s important to find a good SC model agent so you’ll have some power behind you in the business.

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List of Modeling Agencies inĀ Columbia South Carolina USA

Just check the listing below to find a Columbia, SC model agency to get started in modeling.

Collins Models-Studio & Agency

1441 Greenhill Road

Columbia, SC 29206

(803) 782-5223

Lancelot Studios

1945-10 Decker Blvd

Columbia, South Carolina 29206

Phone: (803) 787-5636

Revelations Modeling Talent

6701 Two Notch Rd

Columbia, SC, 29223

Phone: (803) 549-0467

Fax: (803) 549-0467


William Pettit Talent Agency

4716 Brenthaven Rd

Columbia, South Carolina 29206

Phone: (803) 787-3113

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Got a Columbia South Carolina Model Agency?

Local South Carolina modeling agenciesList Your SC Modeling Agency – CLICK HERE ..

There are lots of talent agencies listed in the United States. Some are national brands like Wilhelmina or Ford but there are many local companies who are strong in their areas like these local modeling agencies in Columbia South Carolina. Take a look and see what each SC agent has to offer.

Teenagers Modeling Agencies in Columbia South Carolina – Teens Can Get Professional Pictures in SC

South Carolina has several midsize towns including Charleston, Rock Hill and Columbia and teenagers can get portfolio pics done in these areas by professional model photographers. The fact of the matter is, South Carolina is not known as the top of the list as far as modeling for teenagers goes.

In reality, not even close. But, young adults interested in pursuing a career in entertainment locally in Columbia and other surrounding areas should have the chance to get professional pictures by a competent photographer to create their portfolios.

What Do I Need in a Teenage Model Portfolio?

This is a question I get frequently and the answer is pretty simple…

1. You need a couple of really good headshots

2. A few 3/4 pics in your portfolio

3. A few full length photos

4. If you plan to submit to a top of the list agent such as Wilhelmina or Elite, or even a local Columbia SC model agency you need one head shot preferably outdoors without flash and without makeup (or very little) and one full length picture in some sort of fitted clothing to show off your figure.

Comp Cards for Modeling

When you have your portfolio created, you might want either a batch of 8×10 glossies or composite cards to leave with the agencies.

Teenagers in modeling many times neglect this part and come across as maybe a little less professional when going to an open call or interview. These cards are very inexpensive (normally less than $100 per 100 copies) so no need to leave out this step.

Type of Modeling in Columbia SC

If you are a teenager interested in runway or high fashion, the requirements will be different than for commercial work.

Your portfolio photos should reflect the type career you want to pursue. For instance, for commercial you’ll want to include some good lifestyle pics in portfolios to show off your expressions and poses.

For teens who are not sure, look at the Columbia SC modeling agencies online and find where you fit in as a model. Then you can have your images done accordingly.

Choosing a South Carolina Photographer

Living in Columbia, Rock Hill or Charleston SC will limit somewhat your search for modeling photographers but there are some fine portfolio studios for teenagers in the area. Many models get started with Atlanta model agents and commute.

The good news is that South Carolina is not totally in the dark when it comes to taking great photos.

Do some practicing in your makeup mirror, look at teen magazines for inspiration and get started with modeling in the Columbia SC area. You have to do a little hunting but many young male and females are working right here, right now! Hope this helps!