In my opinion, taking time to learn how to pose, and to use angles in photo shoots can make or break a picture.

As a photographer, I constantly look for how light works on different positions the model is posing. And, as a model, you should too.

I believe this freelancer gives some good tips for how to pose like a pro using angles in this modeling 101 video.
Posing tips

Oh, I transcribed it for you in case you’d rather read the posing tips this female model gives. Enjoy!

Want to Pose Better in Modeling Pictures? Watch the “Knowing Your Angles and How to Pose Like a Pro” Video

Here’s the transcript.

Hey there! Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, we’re going to jump right into it today.

I’m going to be teaching you the basics of modeling. Hey, posing, knowing your ankles. I hope this video is somewhat helpful.

Um, I’m like, most of my videos where I’m just kinda Wally gag around. So, keep your ears open cause I’m going to be saying a lot of stuff you need to know in this video.

I’m just going to mention you the basics on what I do, what works for me. Some of these model posing tips might not work for you. But, there is some information for everyone.

So, keep your ears peeled, because I’m going to be talking really fast

And, I’m going to be saying a lot because I’m hungry and I’m about to make some Mac and cheese right now!

To Model – Know Your Face Angles

Okay, so we are going to start out with knowing the angles of your face, because that’s important.

I have talked about this in some of my other modeling, one-on-one videos. What you need, you look at a face chart, all right?

Different shapes of faces photograph differently. A person with a square face is going to look different from a person with a inverted triangle face.

You need to know your face shape. So, look at a face chart before you even begin modeling. This will help you know how the light is going to hit on your face. And, you’ll know where the shadows are going to be.

Shadow and Light

So, you need to know that when you’re in a photo shoot. The shadows and the whites are the very different. Um, especially if you are outdoors – or, if you’re in a photographer’s studio.

So, make sure you know where the lights are positioned and where the photographer is positioned. Cause this is going to determine where your face is going to go and it’s going to turn in how you angle your base.

Typically, a rule of thumb is; you want to angle your face towards the lights. So, if there’s like a light right here, you’re gonna want to angle it more upwards.

And, maybe tilt it a little bit, especially if you have want a really pretty highlight on or have a lot of makeup on. You want the light to hit it directly. Sort of make any weird shadows. Oh, you want to be like this.

There you go. And, we are phrased towards the light normally, especially if you’re in a studio. If you’re outside, you need to find where the sun is and go from there.

You are aware of what kind of makeup you’re wearing and, how much makeup you’re wearing.

Because again, the lighting is going to affect how that makeup looks. Now if the light is up here and, you’re angling your face down where this is going to be a shadow hitting your face more of Brower rather than the light hitting the makeup, making it illuminate.

So, be aware of the makeup look you are wearing, because that’s going to determine how we’d angle your face and how the pictures are gonna turn out. Because if you’re going like this the whole time and you’re wearing a lot of heavy makeup, it’s gonna create a lot of shadows in your face.

Mood & Tones Affect Model Photo Shoots

Another thing you should know. This one’s kind of obvious. Always know the mood and the tone of the photo shoot, because, if the photo shoot becomes kind of depressing, you don’t want to be like this because that’s not depressing.

You need to play the part, you need to look sad. That’s the mood. This is going to determine all your facial expressions – and even the angles.

Typically, when you’re sad, you’re more enclosed. You’re not more so like outwards. All fears.

Ask Your Photographer What Model Look He/She Wants

Lastly for face, don’t be afraid to ask. I always ask before we start the photoshoot.

If it wasn’t like my idea, I always asked, you know, what kind of expressions do you want? How do you want me to add to what you know?

Ask your photographer, what do you want me to do? Always ask because that will prevent time from being wasted.

And, we don’t want that during your posing session.

Create Mood in Modeling Pictures with Facial Expressions and Body Language

Next topic; is your body and arms again? No, the mood for the photo shoot.

Typically, if you’re sad, you’re not going to be like this. If you’re happy, you’re not normally going to be like this, like in words.

So, the mood, this determines where the placement of the arms are going to be if your body is going to be more inward – or outwards. Yeah.

To me, arms and hands are more of an accessory. They can really make or break a picture. I mean, there’s a lot that can make or break or picture.

But, for me, hands are just super awkward. So, you need to know how to place them. Mostly, I’ll watch my videos.

So, and I know that you girls or guys have watched America’s next top model and Tyra always gets them for having weird hands in their pose technique, or looking like a dead hand.

In Modeling – Find Something to Do with Your Hands

So, be aware of your hands. Hands can really make a picture, especially if it’s like an up close picture.

You’re going to want to incorporate your hands in some sort of way. So, now your hands, your arms ladies.

Also, for just like the body portion. Um, know your body type. Look at a body shape chart.

There’s a chart for everything nowadays. But um, all different body shapes and types are going to photograph differently.

Um, something that’ll look good on. This person won’t look the same as that person. So, it’s always nice to practice posing in front of a full length mirror.

Um, and do different types of poses. See what works for you. It can mean going like this is gonna look completely different on someone who does that, if that makes any legs. Legs are so important. It like the most important thing.

Want to Look Taller in Pictures? A Model’s Legs..

This is what’s going to give you link. And we all want length. We all want to be taller. If you’re a model and you’re short, you want to be taller. If you are seven foot tall, you want to beat eight feet tall.

So, legs, it’s like my little trick. So, when you’re modeling to make myself appear taller, this works for everyone.

But, when I’m just standing straight, I like to stick my right leg out. I like to lean backwards, with my right leg out. And, I always put my hands either to my side or I put them up and lean backwards for length.

You always want to, especially if it’s a full body shot, stick your leg out. Lean backward, and have your hands maybe up or to the side. Again with the arms it kind of depends on what kind of picture it is.

Get the Length

But, leaning back and putting your arms up is definitely going to help you get the length you want.

And, always make sure if you’re leaning back to tilt your head up. Tilt your chin up cause you don’t want to lose your face in picture legs.

If you’re sitting down, and your legs are closed, and that’s going to be more of a sad picture.

Heavy Legs?

And then, if your legs are out, obviously that’s more of a happy, expressive moment. So, know the mood for the shoot because that is going to depend on where your legs are heavy. This one’s kind of weird.

I don’t know if a lot of people will agree with me on this one. But, if you’re in a studio, or even outside, and you have like two studio lights or us, do you like? Um, I always love the appearance.

What if you’re wearing a dress or something – or shorts? I always love having my legs more out because the light can hit like your thighs and your legs.

And then, It’ll cast like a really pretty highlight, which I think is really attractive – and looks really great on pictures. It adds a lot of dimension.

So again, definitely know where your lights are being placed, because you want to kind of point your legs towards the light. I just think that’s really pretty. It’s not really a tip but you know, legs are really what’s going to make the picture have more depth.

For example, you could pretend that you’re kissing the lens or, sticking your tongue out. It’s really going to make the picture more interesting. Have that depth. We all want that in a modeling picture. It’s what’s going to captivate your audience.

Modeling Photo Tip – Look Where Your Photographer is Shooting From..

And, always know where the photographer is.

Is he below you, on the floor, on the floor taking pictures up?

Then, you want to have your legs maybe closer to the Lens.

Maybe do like a little action shot, like pretending to kick the lens or grab the Lens.

If he’s shooting upward, you’re gonna want to like forward more or backwards. Just kind of depends again, on the mood of the shoot.

If he’s shooting face on, you’re gonna want to move accordingly to create that depth.

So, on and on. Just be aware of where he is, because you don’t want to stay in one spot.

Just going like this cause that’s not really going to do anything.

That’s not interesting.

Always be aware of where the lights are. When you pose, #ad always be aware of where the photographer is.

And, always know your:

  • face shape
  • your body type
  • and your body shape.

Always remember, the goal and a picture for me is to elongate myself. I make myself appear taller. So remember those steps that I gave you to make you appear taller and a way that I can help a picture appear like it has more depth.

The pictures always have my legs out, my body back, my arms to the sides are up. And then, my face pointed up.

Don’t Stick Your Neck Out?

If it’s like a close up, I always like to stick my neck out more. The neck is also very important.

You don’t want to lose your neck. So if you are trying to Elongate yourself, and you slip a pair of taller, always make sure your chains up and elongate that neck. Overall. All that is pretty much it.

Um, for my little tippy tips, it takes a lot of practice. So, make sure if this is your first model photo shoot, I’m definitely practiced in a mirror.

No matter how stupid you look, just do it. I promise it’ll make the world of a difference.

And, always keep practicing. Keep doing shoots, because the more comfortable you are with your body, the better your pictures or videos will come out.

That’s pretty much it for today’s video. I hope it helped somewhat. Love you guys so much. Thank you so much for watching this!

Also, be sure and watch the video on how to look good in every picture for more posing tips. – Bob

My Real Quick Modeling Story..

knowing your angles and how to pose like a pro

“The more comfortable you are with your body, the better your pictures or videos will come out.”

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s modeling video! Just a little disclaimer. I am not a professional model.

I have been modeling freelance for almost 2 years now. And, I have gained a lot of experience.

So, I decided to share what I personally think is best! If you don’t agree, that’s fine!

You’ll find many different ways to get good results in your modelling pictures.

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.” -E.A.P xoxo

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