Jeisa Chiminazzo

It’s a Fact that Younger Models in the Spotlight Suffer “Growing Pains” Like Jeisa Chiminazzo

There are several stories I want to share today but one that stands out is the modeling journey of the beautiful and talented Jeisa Chiminazzo from Brazil.

She, and other models in the spotlight sometimes go through painful times even though they are working in an industry they adore.

But, that’s entertainment, right?

Jeisa Chiminazzo

Photo: Jeisa Chiminazzo, Flair October 2006 Photo by Dan Martensen via Flickr

Model Spotlight on Jeisa Chiminazzo and Her Growing Pains

From the pages of Style.Com comes this interesting story of Jeisa Chiminazzo and her walk on the runway, so to speak. The article I found today begins with;

“As one of the most visible models of the early ’00s, Jeisa Chiminazzo was a familiar presence on the runway for labels like Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney. Chiminazzo’s journey from 13-year-old schoolgirl in Muçum, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to top model was nothing short of a whirlwind.

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Jeisa Chiminazzo Begins Her Career as a Model

Spotted by scouts at a fan event for a local actor, Chiminazzo convinced her mother to allow her to travel to São Paulo and give modeling a try. Within weeks she was flown to New York and started working immediately.

Though the trip kick-started her career and changed her life, being a kid in an adult world came with growing pains, particularly as her body developed.

‘Starting young was an advantage, but at the same time, once you get to 16, you don’t look young enough to do the jobs that are for very young girls, but you don’t look mature enough to do the jobs meant for women,’ Chiminazzo told ‘From 16 to 18, I had a phase where I was doing a lot of shows, but there was something still missing.'” read more ..

Many younger models are caught in this age trap between girl and woman. The major modeling agencies in NYC and other parts of the world want girls to start careers as early as possible.

The going age seems to be between 13 and 15 years of age to get selected for runway or high fashion modeling.

Even with support of parents, these girls are nowhere near the maturity level needed to deal with a very adult oriented job in entertainment.

There is surely a psychological factor involved as the girls grow older and get to that awkward age as Jeisa Chiminazzo has admitted.

If you plan to get into modeling in a big way, just consider these advantages / drawbacks before you begin.

I’m not saying to abandon your dreams. But, if you plan to enter show business then be aware of what to expect.

Some girls handle super modeling success better than others.


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