model posing sittingIt’s a fact that many poses you see in modeling portfolios, especially those of newcomer models, are standing. But, in reality you also need to learn some new model posing sitting positions – and kneeling too.

Sitting or Kneeling in Modeling Pictures – Video Lesson

When you pose for the camera, you want to make sure the agent and photographer knows you can bend your legs, don’t you? This quick video will give you some ideas of how to sit and kneel in your poses – the camera is watching – so should you!

Just Another Girl Sitting Down?

This is not what you want to be remembered as. What you want is a portfolio of pictures with a variety of positions – including model posing sitting on a couch, on the floor, on a bed or at a counter.

And, take some photos of you kneeling in various themes. You will begin to get more posingĀ  ideas for sitting as you go but this is a good start. Watch the video below and see if there is something you can change in your posing technique today!

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Natural Sitting Poses – On Purpose

Notice in the first pictures shown here that the models look very relaxed – modeling with their surroundings.

Everything about the pose is considered such as wearing an outfit that compliments the pose and the situation. These are very nice sitting poses and can be easily adapted to your style.

Do Something – Hold Something!

Another thing I see in these poses – in the second set of the video one model is sitting in a bay window reading a book.

This is a beautiful editorial shot and the way she sits demonstrates a very relaxed (and affluent) lifestyle. The white, flowing dress draped to the floor gives an ambiance of grace and a carefree sitting pose.

Model Posing Sitting – What To Do With Your Legs, Elbows and Wrists

See how the legs are bent in the photo of the Oriental model? One leg is folded to the rear while wrists are crossed. You should have at least one or two of your limbs bent – if only slightly when posing for the camera. Doing so presents some motion and will again add to a natural posing look.

I know you are not able to learn every one of these model posing techniques all at once but take a few and practice doing them until you feel comfortable. If you plan to learn all there is about how to become a model then poses like these are essential to your career.

Some modeling poses are playful, some are serious, and still others look a bit out of place but you should be able to get some wonderful female pose ideas by watching the video portfolio of pictures.

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