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Model Portfolio

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There’s so much to think about and do when you’re preparing for a career and becoming a fashion model.

One of the most important things on your to do list is formulating great pictures to put in your model portfolio you’ll be showing to agents and for booking with clients.

The photo images you pick will make or break you in the world of modeling as they are the resume that agents and clients all use to determine your suitability in their campaigns or companies.

3 Suggestions for Getting The Most Out of Your Modeling Portfolio

What can you do to make your modeling pictures stand out from the rest of the crowd? Even if you are a beginner or new to the area, you can follow these tips and modeling portfolio samples to make your picture book stand out from the rest of the beginners you’re up against.

Suggestion #1 – Head Shot Tips

Head shots are usually one of the first and most basic pictures that a model must have in her portfolio.

While you might think this should be a stiff formal picture, just the opposite is true.

It should be a relaxed and comfortable shot that features you in middle colors, nothing to drab but nothing flashy either.

When you go in for your head shot photo session, wear very little jewelry as you do not want to detract from the beauty of your facial features.

Suggestion #2 – Learning How to Pose for Model Photos

Look through magazines to find poses you think would work for you, then practice them in the mirror. Have a friend take modeling pictures of you in the various poses so that you can see how they look (not to be used in your portfolio) and make adjustments to your poses.

Study Every Angle on Creating a Fashion Portfolio

Craftsy introduces some tips on how to make a fashion portfolio for modeling or other careers in the business. One of the first suggestions they give is:

“First and foremost, do your research. If you’ll be using your portfolio for a specific purpose (like applying to fashion school), make sure you understand the portfolio requirements.

These will vary by program, and it truly won’t matter how awesome your work is if it isn’t what they want to see. Follow the requirements exactly!

If you are showing your portfolio in person, feel free to bring additional examples (just know that they might not get looked at).” read more ..

Suggestion #3 – Look the Part of a Modeling Professional in Your Pictures

Great posture is a must in modeling and not something that comes natural to anyone, no matter how beautiful the woman or girl is. So, make sure those shoulders are up and the back is straight.

When you’re taking a picture in a sitting pose, make sure that you have your weight shifted to one leg to give the look the right angles.

Another tip is to suck in your stomach, no matter how thin you already are. Don’t hold your breath while the shot is being taken as it’s sure to show in the pictures.

Making the Grade as a Model

Getting discovered in modeling is a job in and of itself. You will have to work much, much harder before you get hired with an agency than you ever will afterward.

]The key though is practice and persistence. It’s a sure fact that your model portfolio book will tell if you’ve done the research and the extra work to make it happen. In the end, the decision to really learn how to become a model is up to you! – Bob Pardue

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