How to Pose for Modelling Pictures – 7 Model Portfolio Posing Tips

Won’t the photographer tell you what to do? To an extent, yes. But, as a modelling portfolio photographer I can say that my job in the studio and on location is much easier when the model has done her homework. That’s why I’m offering these seven model portfolio posing tips to get you started right. Enjoy!

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You Need These Model Portfolio Posing Tips

That’s why I’m sharing this video I found with seven amazing portfolio posing tips for models – amateur and professional.

The clip should at the least give you some ideas to take with you to your next model photo shoot and I’m excited to hear and see your results from using them!

First, Let’s Look at┬áChady Dunmore – the Teacher

This modeling instructor is a two time bikini world champion so she really knows her stuff when it comes to poses.

The beautiful Chady Dunmore will walk you through the ins and outs of getting your pictures right with these model portfolio posing tips you can put into practice right away.

Model Portfolio Posing: You Have to Do Your Part

If your goal right now is learning how to be a model and get a portfolio you’ll definitely want to watch this short, but powerful video with modeling posing tips you can use – and add to your list of techniques you’ve already learned.

There is no shame in watching how other female models work to see if you can put some of their ideas into action. Then add your own flavor to make them your own.

Posing in Modeling is Not Always Natural

Posing does not always come natural for girls in a photo shoot.

Notwithstanding, the best models can make a pose look very natural in their pictures – after they have prepared for the session.

There is an old saying that you need to be prepared before opportunities arise and this is certainly true in model posing.

Looking your best means that your pictures turn out as if you didn’t have to put any effort at all in the making of them. Take time to plan and do some model photo shoot preparation and then practice what you’ve learned. Practice does count!

The Purpose of These Model Pose Tips

If you are getting ready to get pictures for your modeling portfolio, you’ll want to bookmark this page so you can go through this video several times.

Chady explains:

“Whether you aspire to appear in fitness magazines or high fashion shows,these modeling poses and photo tips will help you achieve the perfect photograph.”

What’s Covered in these Video Tips for Model Posing?

Here are just a few examples of what this modeling video presentation by Chady Dunmore covers:

  1. How to Breathe
  2. Posture
  3. What to Do With Your Arms & Legs
  4. Camera Tip
  5. How to Sit and Pose
  6. Showing Cleavage
  7. Smiles & Frowns

Action Required!

Now that you know some basic model portfolio posing tips, it’s time to get started.

Find and hire an awesome photographer and set up your photo shoot.

After a bit of practice you are ready to get those unbelievable pictures for your gallery.

When you walk into the modeling agency with your examples, there won’t be an image in the stack you are not proud to show. Good luck and happy shooting! – Bob

P.S. Don’t Stop Now ..

I hope you enjoyed the video clip showing the 7 model portfolio posing tips and I want you to succeed in the modelling field. So, put some different looks together so you’ll be ready next time you step in front of the camera! Learn modeling here ..








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