model photography genresThis tutorial is for photographers, amateur and professional alike. It’s also for models who love photography. If you are looking to start a career in modeling photography you need to know the model photography genres to get started.

The main model photography genres are distinguished according to the clothes worn or not worn by the model. They are also separated by the purpose or feel of the photographs.

What is Model Photography? How Do Model Photography Genres Fit In?

Model photography genre involves clothes. The wardrobe includes swimsuits and lingerie items. In some cases the model may not wear clothes at all. Modeling photography may consist of nudity in some cases.

What’s the Purpose of Your Model Photography? What’s the Feel?

The other main model photography genres are that of purpose or feel.

  • Purpose relates to the reason for taking a picture.
  • Feel is the effect that the picture has on the viewer.

Fashion model photography and glamour model photography genres are all about the purpose or the feel of the final picture.

Model Photography Genres – What Are They?

Fashion photographers are responsible to a great degree in ensuring the success of their models.

Fashion model photography revolves around showing the best of a model.  It focuses on the clothes and accessories these models wear.

There are essentially 3 model photography types. The first presents a photographer’s  editorial style. The second is all about catalogs. The third is shooting high fashion models.

These three model photography types are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

Let’s take a quick look at each category.

Editorial Model Photography Genre

The editorial model photography type is the one that is most often used when shooting for fashion magazines.

In this model photography genre, creating style is the most important aspect. Put your models into a realistic situation. Get out your Nikon D3300 and think “news story“.

High Fashion Model Photography

The high fashion model photography style is the staple of the larger fashion brands like Gucci or Prada. The photographs usually center on a supermodel or famous actor/actress.

This form of photography creates a story line. The photographer works with models at different times in the day.

For example, he may click the model in certain clothes during the morning hours. Around noon she wears a completely different attire. At night, she wears clothes or maybe lingerie  appropriate for the nighttime.

These photo-shoots normally revolve around a theme. The models play different roles to convey a particular story line. The clothes the models put on are very unique. Outfits are exaggerated and entirely different than outfits people wear in everyday life.

Catalog Model Photography

The catalog model genre is one of the most common. It’s a bit easier to break into catalog photography than high fashion.

Companies involved in marketing products to the consumer use the catalog model photography style.

The images are basically very informational. The models normally pose in a manner that allows the viewer to clearly see the clothes they are wearing.

model photography typesThere is no styling in this model photography genre.

The backgrounds chosen are usually either white or gray so they don’t take away from the clothing or product.

The main task of the photographer in this style of model photography is to show the clothes clearly.

Mostly, the photographer shoots these pictures in a studio or a perfect location.

This is not everything you need to know about photographing models but it’s a good starting point. Once you learn the model photography genres, it’s time to pick one to start your career. The course I recommend is Photography Masterclass. I’ve written a review of this tutorial and you can read it here..

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