If you are one of the brand new faces to modeling and want to learn how to pose in a model photo shoot these tips will certainly give you some insight on how to do it right.

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Come Alive – Learn How to Model and Work a Female Photo Shoot

The short posing video below will show you how a professional gives those killer looks and expressions for the camera. You can learn how to pose too – with some study and practice of course.

How to Model for Photo Shoots

Just because you see the famous models so effortlessly posing, changing positions and looks doesn’t mean they just walked in and started doing it.

Not by a long shot! The models like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks and others put a lot of hard work into developing that “natural” look. But, you can too!

Quick Steps to a Successful Modeling Session

Here are some basics for “coming alive” for the camera..

  • Get out of yourself – When stepping onto the background paper, you become someone else. You are going to be a model that the photographer’s camera wants to see. If you are shy, don’t worry – shyness seems to work itself out after a model has done several photo shoots and becomes more comfortable with her job.
  • Flirt with the camera – I used to get my new female models to pretend they were getting ready to smear chocolate all over the lens – this gave them a sense of playfulness and freedom to pose without inhibitions
  • Eyes alive! – Look straight into the camera and pretend you are posing for someone on the other side. Who? It depends upon the expression you want to show in your eyes (i.e. fun, excitement, fear, a glare, etc.) – this is who you will imagine.

Difference between a “good” and a “great” model

A great model can flirt with the camera at will when she poses during a photo shoot and give the look need in the shot on demand. As soon as she steps on the set, she is that “other person” who can portray anybody she wants to be at the moment – she is a professional model.

Watch the video and read these photo model shoot posing tips again and practice each step until your modeling talent shines – and, do it today! – Bob Pardue

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