Good to see you here. I’ve just uploaded a video about modeling shoot preparation for you.

If you are just starting out in modeling then you might be ready for a photo shoot with a professional photographer.

But, are you prepared for your session?

Many new models are not ready when they arrive. I know, because I’ve had to wait more times than I care to remember.

Photographers work on a very tight schedule.

So, learn these quick modeling shoot preparation tips BEFORE you set up your session.

Your photographer will be eternally grateful. 🙂

Six Ways to Prepare for a Model Photo Shoot

model photo shoot preparation

Here are six quick & easy to remember tips to help you get ready for a model photo shoot. Don’t skip any of them!

1. Write down pose ideas, outfits & props you need to bring with you.

2. Don’t wait until the day of the model photo shoot to pack your bag and be ready.

3. Don’t try new makeup or skin products the day before your model photo shoot.

4. Practice posing techniques well in advance of your session. The photographer will help but you should do your part by coming to the picture shoot with ideas and experience of your own.

Practice in the mirror or in front of a friend’s camera to see what poses work best for you.

5. Pack the basics. Make a list of everything you believe you’ll need for your photo shoot and have your model bag ready the day before your appointment. Double check before you leave home!

6. Get plenty of rest the night before your modeling photo shoot. Don’t show up sleepy and tired!

Now that you’ve got some starters for how to prepare for a model photo shoot be sure and click the link here to get the full story.

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The subject of model photo shoot preparation is no joke!

You don’t want to miss out on that one thing that could have made your modeling pictures better, do you?

I hope you enjoy the video below and will keep these modeling tips handy next time you make an appointment with your favorite photographer. Happy modeling! – Bob Pardue



Modeling Shoot Preparation – Are You Prepared for Your Next Model Photo Shoot? (Video)

This video will cover some of the things you need to do to get those amazing pictures you’re after. And that’s the outcome you want, isn’t it?


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