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How to Get Ready for a Model Open Call

From all the notes I get from new male and female models I am sure you want to know how to get ready for your open call interview.

These modelling agency tips will help you know what to do for model open call preparation before you talk to an agent.

open call interview

open call interview

Video Modeling Interview Tips for Beginners

In this video Spanky (yes, that’s her name) takes you to a very funny, behind the scenes look at the process of getting up to the runway or other modeling assignments. But, this is not for amusement only – not by a long shot.

What Spanky Does

She walks you through some good tips for makeup, dressing for the interview and other things you need to know whether you are discovering how to make it in the big time modeling network – or just for a part time job with a local modeling agency.

What Do I Do about Open Call Makeup?

promo modeling picture

In this segment Spanky points out not to go overboard with makeup. The agents want to see your natural look and not a made up doll.

Carry some lip gloss, a bit of concealer and some mascara to bring out your eyes. Again, not too much!

What She’s Wearing to Open Calls

Many new female models want to know what to wear to an interview and again, keep it simple.

For this segment, Spanky is dressed very conservative in a plain black T-shirt type top and snug blue jeans.

She is most definitely NOT wearing a prom dress or some revealing see-through blouse.
Just think about what you want the interviewer to focus on – you, right? Not your clothes.

What Pictures Do I Take?

If you are brand new, you might not have a portfolio book, and that’s okay.

Don’t go without anything. A good close-up and full body with a clear look at your face will do in the beginning.

Day of the Cast Call

Next on the video, Spanky gives a quick recap of what went on during the open call interview. I’ll let you watch and get her insight about what happened.

So, you see? Going to a modeling interview is not rocket science so don’t make it more difficult than it is.

The toughest part is to force yourself to do it. Don’t be shy and become one of those “almost” models who never tried.

An old saying I once heard says; “Even if you’re on the right track, if you don’t move you’ll get run over.” or something like that.

Anyhow, if you really want to get started in modeling, be prepared. And then, do something! See you at the top! – Bob Pardue


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