The Model Mayhem Missing Models

I’m sure you have seen the story about the missing models who had profiles on Model Mayhem by now.

Why You Should Consider Safety as a Model

If you haven’t read about it, here is one story from the news ..

Fox News – Missing Models

This is a tragic incident and I pray for their safety and their families.

I’ve always advocated safety when making contact but will give my one rigid rule again …

Always take someone with you to meet with agents, open calls, interviews, or photo shoots.

Meet photographers in public places such as a restaurant, etc.

If you are under 18, make sure one of your parents is involved with every situation, and follow the rules above.

If someone contacts you claiming to be a photographer or agency – and something just doesn’t seem quite right, find out all you can about them without giving information about yourself.

Model Mayhem offers some advice (wish it were more thorough) about scams, etc. at ..

This might not all be concerning a safety issue but you might receive some of the same types of emails mentioned on the page.

Didn’t mean to write a book but this is important. I hope you will keep this in mind – you shouldn’t be afraid to step out the door but be prepared and again …



I’m happy to say that Raven Cassidy Furlong was found safe and sound at a TV show taping in California.

Even with this news, still consider the rest of this post about how models should keep aware of their surroundings and exhibit caution when dealing with management companies or going to open call interviews.

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