Learn Model Makeup Tips for Victoria’s Secret Modeling Video

Women are always excited when they see these type videos. The question is always something like how do Victoria’s Secret models do their makeup?

“You’ve all been asking me to remake my Victoria Secret makeup videos.. I know you guys love them ..”

This is a really informative video for models learning how to apply makeup like  Victoria’s Secret girls and I’m excited to present Miranda Kirr who is willing to share her beauty tips with you today.

Natural Look for Victoria’s Secret Models

Miranda is very down to earth in her cosmetic presentation and the glamour makeup she shows has natural looking colors – nothing too flashy to keep it simple fashion – and beautiful!

Your Model Photo Shoot

Female glamour model photoIf you are planning a model photo shoot soon you can learn more about how to apply makeup for the camera and lights through this video.

You might not look exactly like a model on the Victoria’s Secret runway but you’ll be a long ways ahead of many other girls who want to have that “perfect” look and photography shoot!

You do want to look your best, don’t you?

What You’ll Learn ..

Hair Styling

The video starts with the look of the hair. Your hair style plays an important role in the studio and you’ll want to pay close attention to these easy model tips.

The Face

One of the first steps covered is tips about using moisturizer – she uses tan color with a bit of a pink tint and shows how to blend it into her skin.

The Eyes

I have always been a big believer that the model’s eyes absolutely make the photo.

When doing my photo shoots the MUA takes special attention in doing the eyebrows, lashes and especially shading. The color can cause a model to look stunning – or disastrous!

For example, there are reviews of products like the BR 2012 Complete Makeup Kit Runway colors which have both good and negative ratings.

So, keep in mind that your eyes should receive the most care before shooting.

Cheeks and Lips

Miranda continues her Victoria’s Secret makeup tricks by applying the right look to her cheeks and lips. She shares all her application tricks with you on this video so you don’t have to leave anything to chance.

Do Your Makeup

I hope you enjoyed these tips for applying Victoria Secret style makeup and you’ll bookmark this page to refer to until you get your cosmetic routine down to perfect.

If you were inspired by this model and her tutorial, please leave a comment in the box below.

I hope you found some great beauty & makeup tips on this page. Now, if you are fortunate enough to become a Victoria’s Secret model you’ll have an idea of what’s going to happen with your modeling makeup, aren’t you? – Bob Pardue

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